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Blog for Tuesday 14th November 2023

I woke up but rolled over to continue sleeping as I was not feeling that crash hot.

My throat was sore, my head was throbbing, and my nose was clogged up good and proper! I obviously had a humdinger of a cold. Oh rats!

I tried to find something positive about feeling crook and came up with ‘at least I do not have a cough!’ and that was good enough to make me smile!

I got up at just after five o’clock and fed my feline and had my Quiet Time.

When I went downstairs again, I had a shower and decided to dress nicely for the day - to put on something that I would not normally wear at home because it is something I would rather wear out for some occasion. Somehow doing something like makes me feel more positive and more inclined to want to do things when I am feeling a little low physically or mentally.

So, today I wore the dress that Mich’ and Robert gave me for my birthday when we were in South Africa. It is made of a black and white, soft fabric and is lovely and cool to wear. I also wore the black slops they gave me that are all sparkly and I felt so much better. Such a simple remedy to feeling yuck – make yourself feel pretty!

But … I did allow myself time to slop around our home today after I had swept the floors and unpacked and re-packed the dishwasher. I watched the last episode of SAS Australia – so now that distraction is finished!

I then did some of my cross-stitch project whilst listening to my book on Audible. That too is now finished! Today I seem to be tidying up loose ends here and there but I also enjoyed the process.

Thank goodness today I have not sneezed as much as I did yesterday, and I am sure this cold will soon be gone. It is just a little glitch in my day.

This morning Ken had to go into have his bloods done for his appointment at the hospital tomorrow. They told him to go into the main hospital in Port Macquarie ‘as it would be quicker’. W-e-l-l, that was not strictly true because when Ken got there no one knew anything about that! Apparently, he had to have a referral, which of course he did not have. Eventually someone with authority was located and they ordered his bloods to be done!

Shoo! It was a serious lesson in patience for my man as he had to wait a LONG time there! Plus, adding to that same lesson - the parking (as you all know) is horrendous at the hospital and Ken could not find a parking, but as he was in the ute’ he was able to drive up and park on some large compost mound in the parking area instead!

When there is a will, there is a way and all that!

I had a sleep around about midday with Raafie alongside me, which goes to show that I must have been feeling sick! I had a good hour snooze which helped me feel a lot better.

Ken brought me a box of tissues and some apple and black currant juice when he got back home – bless my man for that kindness!

In the afternoon after Ken had come home and while he had his siesta, I looked over the SRE lessons for next Monday, and at the same time the lessons for Kids Church this Sunday as I am on duty then.

I really did not feel like cooking anything, plus I was not really hungry either as I felt a little nauseous, so I just made us a breakfast-for-supper light meal. We just had fried eggs on toast with bacon, and that was that!

I crawled into bed and went to sleep knowing that I would be feeling a LOT better tomorrow.

What lesson did I learn today? To do my best to find the positives in today and not concentrate on the negatives.

What was I grateful for today? That I had the time to rest and relax.

My saying for today is …

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