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Blog for Tuesday 16th January 2024

W-e-l-l, we had 24mm of rain overnight, which was lovely. Slowly-slowly our dams will fill up, but they still have a long way to get there.

I slept well last night and even woke up late this morning. I think it was half past five! Ah yes! I remember Ken asking me what was going on during the dark hours of the night, because I obviously had knocked my bedside lamp off my table and onto the floor. (As you do when sleeping.)! So, maybe I was attempting to fly or flailing my arms about in my dream. Poor Ken he has to sleep with me every night!

Today I looked over the new SRE manual – wow, every year they are getting better and better. Good suggestions, games, and storytelling ideas. I am lucky as my youngest sister has been teaching for many, many years in a primary school (then later as the school counsellor) and she often gives me wonderful advice on teaching methods et cetera.

Today was a very grey, cool, drizzly and rainy day. The sort of day one should remain in bed with a good book, and endless mugs of coffee being supplied to your bedside table! Hah! Dream on McDuff!

So, I decided to clean out, de-clutter and neaten my bathroom cupboard and two of the drawers while I was there. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but … I did it and now have a clean and very neat cupboard plus two neat drawers in the bathroom!

As I was in the bathroom anyway, I did loads and loads of washing whilst I was there. I used the drier for the really wet clothing, but it will need the sunshine to dry them out properly. In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the rain.

In the late afternoon Ken went across to our neighbors – the Jung’s - as one of our old bulls has taken a stroll over there to checkout their heifers and cows – the bad boy!

Virginia kindly text me about said testosterone fueled bull and I said that Ken could come over and fetch him. Shoo! Good luck to my man, although our dogs are pretty good and are an enormous help to Ken.

Ken tried, but our bull was not interested in returning home. Ken will have to wait until Paddy is here again before he tries to coerce said bovine back home!

I cannot believe it but Raafie – ‘my fur-baby’ will be one year old next week! I think I will have to buy him a shin bone and put one candle in it to celebrate this milestone in his life!

Even though our day was filled with a constant drip and drop of rain falling, by late in the afternoon we only had had 4.5mm of rain, but the ground was squelchy. Ken was saying that one of our new dams at the back of the farm is filling nicely – a bit slowly, but it is filling. Yahee!

In the late afternoon I shared my notes with Ken on 1Thessalonians 1: 1 – 10 as that is what we will be looking at on Thursday in our Bible Study Group.

I think I will bake a cake for our Bible Study Group tomorrow, (depending on my energy level!) Or I may take some gluten free savory biscuits and a dip or some of our fancy choccie bikkies? Ah! The decisions one has to make in life!

I have decided to get Ken to take this lampshade to our friend Norm’, and get him to solder on some wire struts, as that will make the re-covering of the lampshade so much easier for me to do.

For our supper tonight I used the boerewors (from last night) and made mashed potatoes and peas to serve with it. Later, Ken made me a vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone! Yummy!

I did not tarry but went to sleep as soon as I could, with Raafie snuggled alongside me. Ken was not too late coming to bed either.

What lesson did I learn today? A little more patience!

What am I grateful for today? The rain!

My saying for today is …

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