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Blog for Tuesday 16th May 2023

I was up for a short trot out into the dark and cold at about two o’clock this morning, closely followed by one very small hound dog for his wee walk!

One thing I am learning is how to fall asleep again after the wee walks in the middle of the night or in the small hours of the mornings, and at the moment I am doing okay!

When I got up Raafie was not happy about being on his own, so I popped him into bed with Ken. No complaints from either of them!

Raafie only joined me up in my studio, at about half past seven this morning and was very happy to curl up on my lap in front of the small heater and continue his snooze.

Ken took one step forward yesterday, but several steps back today unfortunately. He spent all today sleeping again. I need to be more patient and allow his body time to get well again, although I want to him to hurry and get better again.

Patience Gail Morgan, patience!

I spent today doing loads of washing again and hanging it all out on the line. I did the normal housewifely things this morning – unpacked the dishwasher, swept and tidied. Then later in the morning I made a batch of rusks as Paddy will be up on the farm again this coming weekend.

I love the aroma that fills our home when the rusks are baking – such a warm and homely smell. Beautiful!

In the afternoon I sat outside in the sunshine for a short while and watched the dogs playing. My goodness but little Raafie has the cheek of I know not what or who! He takes the adult kelpies on at a tug-of-war using the large rope ball and he does not give up! It was such fun watching them just enjoy playing together.

Dogs can oh-so teach us humans so many lessons. Whenever I think or say that - I always think of this lesson on the difference between us humans and dogs …

If you locked your dog in the boot of your vehicle for two hours and then opened it. How would your dog greet you? Normally with great delight, with an-all-is-forgiven attitude, tail wagging and body wriggling with pure happiness at seeing you again.

Now put your wife in the boot of your vehicle for two hours and when you opened it up. How would she react?!*!

I rest my case!

Oh dear! No rain again today – nowhere near us in fact! Rats!

Tonight, we will have a pasta dish for supper – the leftovers from last night – both Ken and I enjoyed it, so that is good.

Tonight I will do some reading in bed – something I love doing.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience.

What am I grateful for today? My little furry friend as company during the day. He is getting so clever, and telling me when he is hungry is a priority on his list! He has even been brave enough to go down the stairs from my studio on his own! I am more than grateful for that small mercy!

My saying for today is …

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