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Blog for Tuesday 17th January 2023

Oops! I woke up late – actually, just before five this morning, tsch-tsch Gail Morgan!

I do remember waking up at about three this morning, sobbing and sobbing and feeling very sad. My dream was about several women (who I know, not make-believe dream people), who were absolutely ripping me and my character to bits. It was horrible.

Sometimes dreams are just too real.

This morning after breakfast we all headed off in different directions to do the work we had each planned for our day. Paddy went off to do more fencing (which included chopping down of bushes in the way) and digging of holes too. Ken went down to the bottom shed to repair the spreader, put new wheels on the trailer and do something on the quad bike too. I set my sights and energy on cleaning those outdoor chairs (the ones I painted and then recovered about a year or maybe longer ago). What a slow and tedious job, but I did it and they are all looking much better for it.

I also re-potted one of my spathiphyllum plants that had outgrown its pot. I hope it feels a lot less squished now in its much larger pot! Talk about spreading out and all that.

After cleaning the eight chairs I slowly worked my way around that area but still have a lot more to clean, sort or throw away. But … I am getting there (like a tortoise) but forward is still forward not so? It is progress of some sort.

After lunch Ken went off to have his siesta and I waited for Paddy to come back home to give him some lunch. While I waited for him, I grabbed the chance of doing a bit of reading.

He only got back to the top shed at after half past two, looking very hot, sweaty and dirty, poor guy. He did not want to eat but needed something to drink, a nice shower and a lie down.

I headed up to my studio as I needed to write out my grocery list – hopefully we will go into town sometime this week, as there are a few things we need, plus I desperately need my hair cut as I am looking decidedly wild, woolly, and rather unkempt in the head area!

Weather wise it has been a really strange day – thankfully a lot cooler, but we have had wafts of extremely light drizzle wafting over us at odd intervals, almost like a mist. I am not sure if any rainfall has even registered as it was that light. But whatever, it is cooler and a little damp and that alone makes a huge difference.

While Ken and Paddy were having a rest I lay down to read (no, not to listen to my audio book) my physical book, but soon was off with the pixies and snoring, waking up suddenly ten minutes later looking and feeling like a startled deer in the head lights! Age. Soon I will be dribbling and drooling!

Tonight, for supper we will have lamb chops, (leftovers from the braai/barbeque last night) mashed potatoes, peas and butternut. My sort of meal.

In the afternoon I began to sort out into categories, all the games and object lessons I have saved over the years for my Scripture lessons at school. Shoo! That is going to be some project to complete, but important that I try to get it done, as it will help me in planning my lessons each week!

What lesson did I learn today? Knock off, one by one, the things to do on my To Do List.

What am I grateful for today? A lovely cool day.

My saying for today is …

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