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Blog for Tuesday 17th October 2023

I had a wonderful sleep and woke up just before five o’clock this morning, ready for another day to truly live the height, length and width of!

It was still raining – well sort of dripping drizzle, but definitely another very damp day.

I meant to mention that yesterday we picked up the pottery pieces that Kerry’ had fired (by a local lady potter) for us and they have turned out so nicely – we were thrilled with them. I gave one of my pieces – a spoon dish - to Marion (my friend that I saw later today) for her birthday which is in December. In fact, her family is getting together this coming weekend to celebrate her eightieth birthday early, as there is just too much happening in December for all of them to be together then. They are all meeting at Hebron Haven – a beautiful area - for the weekend to celebrate her special birthday.

This morning we all had a big breakfast together and then Kerry’, Robert, Mich’ and I said “Goodbye!” to Josh’ who was flying out to Bali this afternoon. He had to be at the airport by three o’clock to take off at twenty past six. It has been so nice to have him here with us, but he has a lot of work to do so he was happy to be flying home to tackle that.

Then the four of us set sail for Howick – where my best friend lives now. Robert was driving and he dropped me off first so I could have the absolute maximum amount of time with Marion. He then dropped Kerry’ and Mich’ at Michael House to meet up with ‘Big Carol’ and as Tyra’ and Andrew live close by, Tyra’ came and fetched them later and they went back to their home (Tyra’ and Andrew’s) to have tea. Robert returned to Hilton Road where he met up with Scott (his eldest brother) Jenna, and Abbie (Robert’s nieces) with their respective husbands. Then Robert picked Kerry’ and Mich’ up and they came to Howick to pick me up before we all returned back to Ballito and home.

Kerry’ made a huge chicken curry – using the same curry powders and spices that I bought the other day and it was simply delicious. I cannot wait to get back home and use mine!

As we got back home the blanket was spread on the dining room table, the cards out and a return revenge match of ‘Oh Hell’ was on! It was such fun, laced with much laughter and shouts of mock revenge!

After playing several games we all went to bed and fell asleep (I am sure) still smiling!

It has been another wonderful day, and I cannot express how grateful I am to Kerry’ (and James) for loaning us Kerry’s car to take me all the way to Howick to see my best friend. I was and am so, so happy to have seen her again. We did non-stop talking - only taking the odd breath to breathe so that we did not expire - we caught up on the years in between our being together last.

What lesson did I learn today? How special our family is to get me to see my friend Marion even though she lives far from here.

What am I grateful for today? A wonderful visit with my friend Marion.

My saying for today is …

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