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Blog for Tuesday 19th September 2023

The early bird gets the worm. The early worm ... gets eaten!

. — Norman Ralph Augustine

Yahee! I hopped out of be just a few minutes past four this morning and stepped into the new day, ready for whatever lay ahead.

Shamara thankfully ate the new food this morning and I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

At exactly half past six the excavator guy arrived and went straight up to the dam where he is working at present. I am sure he began that early to escape the main heat of the day. The weathermen are predicting it will climb up to 31̊ C (from 8̊ C) today, and we are normally a few degrees higher than their predictions. So another warm one!

On my To Do List for today is one word – ‘TIDY!’ so that is what I will be doing plus washing and ironing too!

I did loads and loads of washing and that also involved bed linen for Paddy and Tamryn’s visit this coming weekend. Yahee!

Ken went out to Wauchope to pick up more cattle nuts for the bulls and I also asked him to some greens for our chooks and tins of cat food for Madam Shamara and a few tins for Raafie too! We will only be going into Port Macquarie on Thursday, so I wanted to make sure neither Shamara or Raafie go hungry! As if that would be possible!

Whie Ken was out I noticed a large group of cattle down the laneway and around near the bottom shed – and I knew they were not meant to be there, so I phoned Ken, and he suggested I move them out. So, Raafie and I went down on the quad bike, and they (being the bovine) very politely followed my instructions, and then Jabu and Thandi came down to help move the last few stragglers. I thought we all did a wonderful job! I rewarded the dogs with a treat for their help as it really was a hellishly hot day to be running and chasing cattle.

Ken got back home at about half past one I think, and he went out to see what Terry had done. Terry had finished cleaning out the first dam and had begun to dig the new dam in Serpentine Camp 3 – he is really doing a good job out there and in this terrible heat, poor guy. He worked from half past six this morning to three o’clock in the afternoon.

When Ken got back home, he had brought with him the greens for the chooks, so I went out and sat with them while they consumed, at great speed, the greens I put out for them in the shade. They see me and that means, in their little bird brains, a walk outside with new greens to nibble and peck on. I am welcomed in chook style – much fluffing of their feathers and squarks of delight!

It has really been another hot day, but the stiff breeze prevented us all from melting. The breeze may have been warm, but somehow the air moving cools one whether warm or cool.

After his siesta Ken went down to take the ton of cattle feed off the ute’, and to check the cattle and then feed the dogs before the day ended.

We had a simple meal of savoury mince, mashed potatoes, butternut and peas which went down well!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the day to the fullest.

What am I grateful for today? A quiet country day.

My saying for today is …

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.

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