Blog for Tuesday 1st November 2022

Wow! We are now into the second to last month of 2022! Incredible!

Slowly-slowly we all woke up at various times to greet the day in our own way. I was just so happy to have some of our family here with us – Dol’, Sheelagh, Paddy and Matt’ - such a blessing to me!

This morning I made poached eggs on toast with avo’ and a cheese sauce which seemed to go down my family’s gullets at the speed of light!

Then it was time to begin the cattle work.

Dol’ and Sheelagh had to leave us to return back to Terrigal so they watched the men muster the cattle with much clicking of cameras. They also witnessed a new mum and her brand new little calf cross the river towards where we were in the ute waiting to cross. Unfortunately, the mother got spooked and instead of remaining with her calf she turned around and ran back! So, there we were with this little calf who was so confused, poor little mite, when Ken arrived and he wanted to tag it. That is when the fun began.

No matter how new a calf is they are just born with incredible strength and can truly kick one very hard, as this one did. What then ensued was a muddle of calf, Ken, trees, kicks, me and mud and Sheelagh was also added to that mix!

Paddy looked for the mother but she was not to be seen anywhere, so we had to leave said calf there and rely on its mum to come and fetch it. (She did that later.)

It was then time for me to say “Goodbye!” to both my sisters – Sheelagh who is flying back to South Africa in a few days, and to Dol’ who was going back to her home in Terrigal. Partings are never easy, but I have learnt to try to live in the moment and not think of things like ‘I don’t know when I will see you again,’ because that causes such sadness and heartache, not so? In 2018 when Sheelagh was out and I had to say ‘Goodbye’ then, those thoughts almost overcame me and yet here she was with us again.

When I watched them drive off with Sheelagh’s arm waving out the window for as long as she thought I could see her, that caused me to shed a tear or two. I will miss her, but I must be grateful for the time spend with her now and not focus on the parting. For who knows she may be back here before we know it!

Today the cattle work involved the selection of the animals we will be sending to the Sale-yards shortly. It sounds so simple, and I guess it is, but add to that the cacophony of sound – the bellowing and bleating close at hand and one becomes brain numbed and nerves unravel and become decidedly frayed! Add to that some animals that are scared and confused, so look for anyway to escape (and some do which requires the effort and labor to get them back into the yards again!) and the dust and moo-poo and things no longer seem that simple!

We had a few mishaps out there in the yards - one being a stupid heifer that managed to get her head through the railing bars on one of the fences in the yards, and she smashed the fence, but the large railing was firmly attached to her head still. Ken whipped off to get his angle grinder to cut the railing off her, and Paddy did his best to help and quieten the thrashing and terrified animal. At one stage I thought the heifer was going to break her neck as she had twisted her head to such an angle, I was just waiting for a snapping sound. But … eventually she managed to get her head out and with a one-two-three and a hop and a skip she was free, giving us a dirty look! Yeah right! Ungrateful animal.

We – that is Matt’ (initially but he then went out to do a marathon job on the fencing on the farm), Ken, Paddy and mwah worked with the cattle all day without stopping once. We had no time for morning or afternoon tea or lunch and by six-ish in the early evening, the work was done … and so were we!

I had at some stage, when collecting something for out there in the yards, put on the beef roast and so by the time we got in I quickly cooked the veggies and made a gravy – so we had roast beef, roast potatoes, butternut, cauliflower cheese, peas and gravy which we ate quickly and after showering (some before and some after supper) we all headed for our beds as there was a great weariness that overcame us all.

What lesson did I learn today? To live in and enjoy the moment.

What am I grateful for today? The time I got to spend with my sisters.

My saying for today is …

From the Left: Dol'; Sheelagh and mwah!

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