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Blog for Tuesday 21st November 2023

Not long after I woke up, I could hear that soft shushing sound of drizzle on our tin roof. Obviously, no torrents of rain were falling, but nevertheless, rain anyway!

We had another 3mm of rain overnight. Although we are only getting small amounts of rain, it is soaking into the land, and everything is coming up a bright emerald green. Unfortunately, under that green of the new grass the ground is still hard and cracked so we need plenty more rain before we can think that this drought is over.

Ken had his appointment with the specialist this morning, so we got ourselves ready for a day in town in Port Macquarie. Thankfully we arrived early (very unusual!) but Ken had screeds and screeds of forms to fill in as we waited, so it was good we did get there early!

The specialist was a very young guy but obviously highly intelligent and able. He explained everything to us, and it was really good news I thought, so we walked out there smiling. Such a good feeling to exit a specialist’s rooms on a positive note!

Ken and I then headed off to Aldis as I was dying to see what they had done during their renovations. I had to laugh as I thought to myself and said to Ken, “How sad that now in my life I am excited to see the new layout in a grocery shop!”

I will now have to reorganize my vision of the layout of Aldis in order to write out my grocery line isle per isle, as it is very different compared to what it used to be! Change … change … change! Oh, how that rattles the mundane for all of us!

Then it was time to head back home, and we were both holding our breath hoping that we had had lots of rain whilst we were out in town. But … no! Only another 3mm. But hey! It was more rain, not so.

Once we got home and were licked, loved and welcomed warmly by Raffie, Ken headed off to have his siesta and I unpacked our groceries before going up to my studio to work on my next SRE lessons for this coming Monday.

Tomorrow I will have to really work hard as we have Paddy arriving tomorrow night and on Friday morning, two men – (one ex- South African and one South African out to see what the farming is like in Australia) – coming to stay with us on the farm.

I only have tomorrow really to wash, dry, and iron the bed linen, bake a cake, blah-blah-blah fish paste as we have Bible Study Group (first one for this last part of the year) on Thursday morning, plus Ken has a cystoscopy on Thursday afternoon at the Wauchope hospital.

I often wonder who on earth wrote the words, ‘a quiet country life’! They probably wrote that in town never having experienced the country life at all!

It was an early night for me – well, that is how I planned it but ended up watching a movie and going to sleep late anyway! Foolish female!

What lesson did I learn today? To be grateful for good news.

What am I grateful for today? Walking out the specialist’s rooms feeling positive about Ken’s health.

My saying for today is …

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