Blog for Tuesday 22nd November 2022

It is a “Happy-Happy Birthday” to Rentia, our daughter-in-law and also to Sinead our youngest granddaughter who turns sixteen today! We wish them both a wonderfully happy and very special year ahead and a fun day today.

After my Quiet Time I made a decision to do pretty much nothing today if I could! I thought that was a marvelous plan.

But … before I did nothing I had to dust, polish, sweep and mop, shower and then be ready for a day of utter slothfulness!

I had done the first part of my day doing a 'Mrs. Mops' impersonation and was climbing into the shower when I thought I heard a vehicle. I peered out the bathroom window, and there was a strange vehicle driving up to the top shed. I yelled out to Ken who was still lying on our bed reading his emails, to rise and shine and our guests were all his as I was in the shower!

When I eventually was showered and hurriedly dressed, I came out to greet our guests – there were three men from the Lake Cathie Fishing Club come to have a chat and a cup of tea with us. They will be fishing here next weekend for some fishing competition – something they do a couple of times a year here on the farm. They are really nice guys and again, had brought us stacks of beautiful fish for our consumption!

That did it. Fish and chips for supper tonight without a doubt! Yum!

Once our guests had waved their fond farewells and disappeared down across the river, Ken continued what he was doing prior to their arrival and I went up to my studio to watch a new series that our youngest daughter has put me onto.

It was JUST what I needed. A series in which I laughed, giggled, cried and thoroughly enjoyed, as sometimes life or people can weigh one down. Today this series viewing was my ‘escape’ route!

Later, in the afternoon I read my book “Two Brothers” which once I had got into it, is really good. I so enjoy reading, so felt as if I had had a wonderful day of relaxing what with bingeing on the TV series and reading and doing pretty much little else! Everyone needs days like this.

I am a gifted sloth!

When it was cooler in the late afternoon Ken whipped around the farm checking our cattle and the heifer still to calve. Nothing happening – all quiet on the western front. Wonderful!

Ken filleted two of the many fish we were given this morning and I cooked the chips, then pan fried the fish – they were delicious and went down our gullets at the speed of light! Very nice.

Ken made us vanilla ice creams in waffle cones later and then we both retired an were soon sound asleep.

Another day in my life gone but so enjoyed!

What lesson did I learn today? It is good to have a day of ‘nothingness’.

What am I grateful for today? Today!

My saying for today is …

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