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Blog for Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Today it is a “Happy-Happy Birthday ‘Rick!” (‘Rick being my youngest brother – I have three brothers and two sisters all younger than me!)  “’Rick, Ken and I wish you everything of the best for today your special day and may the year ahead of you be filled to overflowing with love, laughter, fun, adventures and happy surprises … love you little boet!”

After my Quiet Time this morning I fluffed around getting our home tidy, put the dishwasher on, hovered on my broomstick at death defying speeds, and then flicked the duster here and there to make me feel like I had done some housework! I mean, what a woman!

At just after ten o’clock Frank, Francois and Katelyn arrived to spend the morning here with us on the farm. It was really great meeting both Francois and Katelyn for the first time – (Dad and daughter.)

Frank had brought us all a mix of delightful goodies to be eaten with our morning tea/coffees – a large muffin, a chocolate and caramel tart, a meringue lemon tartlet, and two blueberry tarts, and I served some thickened cream to go with them for those that wanted.

It was a lovely morning well spent chatting and hearing Francois’ heart and what they (he and his wife Karen) are hoping to accomplish for families in the area, and more especially for the men in the families too. Very exciting!

After tea Frank went for a walk down to the river to stretch his legs – he is still having trouble with his one knee in particular – although both knees were replaced – and he needs to stretch that particular leg out every now and again.

Ken then took Francois and Katelyn out to see the back of the farm and also to the area where most people come to camp when they come to the farm to get away “from the maddening crowds!”

We are hoping that Francoise, Karen, Alissa, Katelyn and Joshua will feel welcome enough to come and spend a day or even a weekend out here, having a picnic and swimming, fishing or kayaking.

At about half past twelve Frank, Francois and Katelyn let the farm to return home in Port Macquarie. Ken took them across the river to their vehicle and once home again, Ken headed off to have his siesta.

I went up to my studio to work on my first SRE lesson for school, as I am not sure when they want me back. I know that Tracey (the headmistress) said she may have to change my day at school this term, but as yet, I am not sure what day that will be. Whatever day it is to be will be good!

I allowed myself some ‘time off’ for half an hour during which I also planned to attack the huge basketful of ironing that needed to be done a little later on.

I also baked a cake as we have Matt’, Danyelle, Nicko and Holly arriving tomorrow here to spend the day with us.

Thankfully we still have that noodle dish I made last night – there was plenty leftover, so I will serve that with a nice fresh salad for our supper tonight. Yahee! Tick. That is the meal organized!

Ah-ha! But … life seldom follows our plans …!

Not long after I began my half of rest than I began to feel queasy. Yoh! I KNOW that feeling. I am highly allergic to pumpkin seeds and react to them immediately. This afternoon I was reacting to a milder form of that allergy – so maybe the person in the patisserie had used the same cake lifter for the tarts et cetera (that Frank had so kindly brought for us all), as they had for a ‘health loaf containing pumpkin seeds.’ Yes, that is how badly I react to pumpkin seeds!

After hanging onto the porcelain bowl in our bathroom and yelling “H-e-l-l-o Louis!” into it with great meaning, my stomach slowly stopped roiling.  There is nothing that I can do to stop that process except to lie absolutely flat and throw up until my stomach has removed every scrap of pumpkin seed from my body.

I asked Ken to please unpack the dishwasher for me, which my man did. God bless him as I really did not want to face an untidy kitchen in the morning!

I put myself to bed very early – just after five o’clock I think it was. After all the heave-hoeing I was tired and soon went to sleep.

Rats to allergies!

What lesson did I learn today? To REALLY live in the moment and to accept the lousy ones too.

What am I grateful for today? Meeting new people.

My saying for today is …

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