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Blog for Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Yoh! It was cold this morning in the wee hours when I dared to stick my nose out from under our duvet. Raafie did not move a whisker and I knew that I was out there on my own for sure!

When I went through to make my coffee and feed Shamara, the temperature was 1.3̊ C – so no wonder it felt cold! It was. The River Camps were a snowy white, covered with frost which silently endorsed that winter was here for sure.

I went up to my studio and this morning began two new Bible courses – the ‘Gospel of John’ and ‘The Millennium’. Both these courses (and the others I have completed) are free from the Dallas Theological Seminary. I have and am loving them and that is why I can get out of bed when it is freezing!

Ken went off to Wauchope to collect the quotations from the different rural stores for all the things we are getting for the farm. I think Paddy, Matt’ and Ken are going to be working really, long and hard soon once this equipment arrives!

Ken went through to Wauchope also to pick up a ton of bull nuts for the weaners, and I suggested that I help him to set up a water to a trough in the Weaners Camp, as this trying to get them in and out of that camp twice a day is just not working. (Ken only possesses four hairs and five rows now on the top of his head!) We can set up the pump in the small dam and feed it to the trough using a pipeline to do so. I am sure we can do that … we just have to try.

When Ken gets back home from town, we will have to set it up quickly as the days are short and it gets dark very quickly and I do not think this will be a one-two-three sort of task. A LOT of patience will be required and that seems to be in short supply of late and Ken only has four hairs left!

While Ken was out in town, I put on four loads of washing and hung it out to dry. Now that winter is here the washing takes a lot longer to dry unfortunately, so I will have to do the ironing tomorrow.

Oh no! Ken says he would like to try one more time, to let the weaners out to drink from the dam, and my job will be to stand at the top of the dam wall to make sure that the weaners do not escape! Rats! I think I am going to be bald by the end of this! I will just have to smile and wave and think kind thoughts about weaners and try not to let them to escape!

Yeah right!

I am delighted to report that all went like clockwork – the weaners came down to the dam to drink and I walked them around, back and along the top of the dam wall, slowly and gently and then back they trotted into their camp! Easy-peasy pudding and pie! Done and dusted! Wonderful.

It was time for me to bring the washing in and for Ken to feed the dogs and chop firewood, as the day was fast disappearing.

Yahee! Tomorrow is Mich’s birthday! I hope she is able to celebrate it in style. These are the moments when I wish I was physically closer to our family to be able to join in and to be part of the spoiling brigade and the happy celebrations.

What lesson did I learn today? More patience.

What am I grateful for today? Well behaved weaners!

My saying for today is …

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