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Blog for Tuesday 24th January 2023

Oops! Another late start to my day even after going to bed nice and early. I so dislike waking up late as it throws my whole day out Ngrr! ‘Well, tough Gail, your body demanded a few extra hours of sleep, so get over it woman!’

Okay, that being said I can now get on with my day!

Paddy was first out this morning and he went to the back of the farm to dig more holes for the strainer posts, but he had a heck of a job as the pins. bolts or whatever, attaching the auger to the tractor kept shearing! Rather frustrating for him, as the auger would then be stuck in the ground and he had to come home to fetch a chain to yank it out again. All patience developing moments in life, ne?

Then Paddy came home again to help Ken change the tyres on the ute’, before he then headed out to the back of the farm again. Ken worked on the ute’ lights as the one brake light was not working.

I began to try to clean up the main area of the shed. Oh my goodness gracious it is so dusty, and those pesky, little and large, spiders spin their webs almost as I watch the creatures!

I dusted, wiped, polished, moved and carried this and that from here to there and there to here, trying to create some sort of law and order.

I did my best but have a long way to go to get where I am wanting to be!

The problem for me is I have to wait for Ken to help me, as the object is too heavy for me to move or chuck out, or to me it looks like junk but could be something rather precious to him! So. I can only do so much and then have to wait a while and develop more patience.

When I went out to bring the washing in (Yes, thank you for asking, the washing did survive as the dogs were down at the bottom shed watching Ken and Paddy work on the ute’) thunder rolled over my head but nary a drip nor drop of rain fell. It looked as if two large storms, with black clouds and all, slipped past us on either side. Ngrrr! F-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-o-n!

This morning I put on a beef stew in my slow cooker – as I am working through what I still have in my deep freeze, no matter what it is. I may keep the stew for tomorrow and serve something cold for supper tonight as it is so hot today. I will see later.

Neither Ken nor Paddy wanted lunch – I think everyone was just too hot to be bothered with eating. Just something icy to drink was the way to go – cold water, plain soda or coke.

Paddy did not stay inside for long but headed back out to the back of the farm at two thirty to continue his fencing out there. Yoh! And it was still so hot, I did not envy him at all.

After my whizzing around on my broomstick at death defying speeds, and almost choking on the dust everywhere, I had worked up a serious sweat, so, afterwards I had a lovely shower and got dressed in my ‘jamas - the cattle are quite used to my favourite attire now, and both Ken and Paddy know my love of wearing ‘jamas whenever I can, so all was well in my world!

In the later afternoon I did the ironing. – most of it!

We ate the beef stew, rice and peas for supper after all!

What lesson did I learn today? To persist in my cleaning.

What am I grateful for today? The rain we did receive.

My saying for today is …

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