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Blog for Tuesday 27th December 2022

Yahee! It is Josh’s birthday today (he is one of our six grandsons) and Ken and I wish him a wonderful year ahead! I can hardly believe it, but Josh’ turns twenty-eight today! As his grandmother, that puts me in the antique department of the aged!

In the wee hours of this morning, I woke up to hear the young guys enjoying a loud and rowdy evening together, and from here it sounded like the aliens had taken over our farm!

Not long afterwards, Josh’ (the young guy who looked after our animals to allow us to spend time with our family over Christmas) and another of his friends came back here to the top shed to sleep. The other five guys were camping towards the back of the farm.

Then this morning after packing up neatly, all the guys came to say “Thank-you!” to us and to wave their ‘Good-byes” as they all returned to their respective homes, leaving the farm at a quarter past eleven this morning.

Ken decided that today had already heated up considerably and it would be too hot to work outside, so he had another ‘day off’ and slept until about a quarter to four.

I spent my day digging in my art box, getting things ready for me to do a few days artwork starting tomorrow. Today I did a lot of my Bible studies and only have two more lectures before I can finish the one course, which has been a biggie. I have another two I would like to finish over the next few days too.

I sent texts or replied to texts, and to emails too. I also sent some ecards and in the late afternoon I phoned and spoke to Daphne, one of my dear friends. Her husband Ken, used to lead our Bible Study Group just before COVID hit Australia and he has, just before Christmas, had a spinal stroke and cannot walk or use his legs at the moment. Hard mountains to climb lie ahead, but not impassable.

For our supper tonight I made a nice seafood sauce and both Ken and I have an enormous pile of large cooked, cold prawns each to devour! What a pleasure! A gift from friends who often visit us on the farm to fish and relax on the farm. “Thank you again, Trevor and Jason, the prawns were delicious!”

In the very late afternoon, when it was a lot cooler, Ken went out and about the farm. He had to dispose of two calves – my little Holly the heifer and another little calf that could have succumbed to a paralysis tick while we were away?

Ken also moved the whole herd from the Large River Camp to the back of the farm using the dogs to help him with that task.

At five o’clock I decided that it was time for me to kick back and relax, so I downloaded a movie – hopefully it will be a good one. Sometimes they are really good, but I am just not in the mood for that particular movie that day, but down the track I will or would thoroughly enjoy it!

Aha! I found another photo of Douglas the dog Paddy had to bring home from his vet clinic because he escaped!

From the left: Tamryn, (one of our five granddaughters) Matt' ( one of our six grandsons) Ash' (Matt's girlfriend) and in front, Douglas

I enjoyed the movie but it was an oldie based on Daphne du Maurier’s book “Rebecca”, but all I wanted was something easy to watch. It was.

What lesson did I learn today? To make my own happy spaces in life.

What am I grateful for today? The time to do what I felt like doing with no pressure involved.

My saying for today is …

Unfortunately, sometimes

people will pretend you’re

a bad person so they

don’t feel guilty for how

they treated you.

- Dr. Caroline Leaf

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