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Blog for Tuesday 2nd January 2023

I was up early, fed the feline, made my coffee and had my Quiet Time.

Then when I went downstairs and gathered the Aldi (four bags graded in size and color) shopping bags plus the cooler container, ready for our departure to town today.

Unfortunately for me, Ken had a sleep in! So, he only arose at a few minutes before ten o’clock, so it was to be a late start for our day of shopping in town. But … whatever, as long as I managed to get the groceries, I was not worried.

Ken had to put the scoop on the tractor so that we could carry the shopping bags, fuel container et cetera over the river and to my little car., which made us a little later, but … again okay, no rush.

As we got over the river and were packing my car Ken asked me if I had brought his mobile phone! Nah! I had not. I packed and had brought his bag that had his wallet, shaver et cetera in it, but thought he had his phone on him!

W-e-l-l. there would be no going to town without Ken’s phone, now would there? So, he had to hop back onto the tractor and bounce and bang back across the river, open and close the gate, then drive up the hill to the top shed. Turn the tractor off, run inside grab his phone that he had left charging in our bedroom, climb back onto the tractor and drive down the hill, bang and bounce back across the river to me and then we headed for Port Macquarie at well after eleven o’clock!

These are little lessons in patience that I seem face often! Obviously, I am a slow learner!

Once home, Ken went to have his siesta after carrying the shopping bags inside for me. Then while he slept I unpacked and put away the groceries. Yahee! A good feeling as the cupboards, deep freeze and fridge are looking a lot fuller now.

Yoh! It was so hot when we arrived home – and as we got to the Highway gate, on our way home, the two young guys and their families were leaving. These guys were here yesterday doing some kayaking, and again today to do more kayaking, plus some fishing and swimming. They were so appreciative of being able to spend time here and thanked us profusely.

Ah yes! I almost forgot to mention that while I waiting for Ken to wake up this morning, I did all the bed linen ironing which was a good feeling! Tonight, when it is cooler, I will make up Paddy and Matt’s beds for them.

Over this time of celebrations – Christmas and New Year - I have missed my Mum big time. Although we lived so far apart, (Mum in South Africa and me here,) Mum was such a big part of my life, and I wrote my daily blogs which she read every day to check on what I had been up to on the farm, as she loved it here. “Tu me manques, Mum!”

What lesson did I learn today? Patience!

What am I grateful for today? That I could get the groceries we need.

My saying for today is …

This is a saying for my Mum …

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