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Blog for Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Raafie slept right through to a quarter past six this morning! Hallelujah! Not one wee walk during the small hours of today, and he came straight back in and into his bed to sleep some more too!

This is a photo of the little guy last night fast asleep on one of Mich’s bags!


Today our household slowly-slowly, very slowly woke up. Raafie slept right through last night which was wonderful for me as I was able to sit up in bed and have my Quiet Time all toasty and warm while Raafie slept on.

Ah! I do not know if I mentioned it in my blog yesterday, but I lit the first fire of the season last night, and Raafie was totally fascinated and beautifully warm too.

This morning after showering and greeting the day with a bowl of cereal, Mich’ and I did some of the art assignments of one of my art courses.

Oh, what fun! We laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company and also enjoy the sheer delight of getting into the creative side of our natures. The exercises were all absorbing and great fun.

After all that creativity I suggested to Mich’ that we both use one of my mud packs to ‘spoil’ ourselves. I elected to use the last of my Secret mineral mask – something Shelayne gave me years ago and which I have eked out to last as long as possible. It is made from the clay from the Dead Sea in Israel, and it so full of minerals that one uses a magnet to remove the mud off one’s face. You hold the magnet a few millimetres from your face and the mud flies off.

Mich’ and me trying out a beauty mask.

W-e-l-l, to begin with the masking mud was terribly dry, so I added a little bit of water but that did not work, so we had to sort of mash the mask onto our faces by force, but when it came to removing said mask, I went into the bathroom first as my mask had been on the longest. (Probably because I needed it more!)

Oh dear! My face and hands became a rather bright orange, which was, saying the least, rather disturbing. Mich’ was curled up with laughter and could hardly breathe as she was folded over with the giggles, but then … she remembered that she had the same mask on her face.

It was hilarious as we were both considering how we could fit into society looking like racoons with skin a pale shade of Tandoori orange! Mich’ said that Robert would not accept her back home looking like that which only caused me to squeal with ore laughter.

There was much consternation, hysteria, incredible laughter and just the joy of being silly together. That expired face mask did us both the world of good – even our skin benefitted from it and the laughter, squeals and squeaks of horror and concern uplifted our spirits tremendously.

At one stage Mich’ thought her eyebrows were going to remain thick with the masking mud as it was refusing to disappear, which almost caused her a great loss of weight, but … I am relieved to tell you her eyebrows did return to normal!

Oh! Those eyebrows!

My one regret for today is that I did not take photos of our orange racoon look!

In the evening we began one of those murder mystery games. As this one is a really, complicated crime we are doing it in three stages. Tonight, we began with the police investigations. Tomorrow we will read what the evidence for and against each person is, and then we will begin to decide who the murderer is. Lastly, we go online to get some ore clues if we are still uncertain as to who is guilty. These games are such fun if you enjoy court cases et cetera. Good for the brain too!

Tonight, for supper we had beef potato pies, with peas and butternut and they were delicious.

Again, Mich’, Raafie and I went to bed nice and early as I really want Mich’ to return home well rested and relaxed, and I am enjoying the rest too!

What lesson did I learn today? Never to use old face mask mud!

What am I grateful for today? That Mich’ and I are no longer an orange shade!

My saying for today is …

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