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Blog for Tuesday 31st October 2023

Yoh! But what a hoo-hah to upload my blog for yesterday this morning – the screen kept going blank, the internet would not connect and so on – very patience demanding stuff!

But … in the end I won the battle! Whoo-hoo!

I did an enormous amount of washing over the last few days which in turn meant there was a huge amount of ironing to be done. So, I gritted my teeth and for four hours and twenty minutes I ironed and ironed and ironed. I completed ALL the ironing and am now feeling positively angelic, but … unfortunately that lasts only a short time as the washing starts mounting up again! The circle of laundry!

This morning I managed to contact my friend Daphne to find out how she and her husband Ken were. She sounded so tired, poor dear. I suggested that instead of us trying to so a Bible Study together, which I felt was just adding more weight onto her very skinny shoulders, that we could just get together and chat about our week, and how we had experienced the Lord in our day to day living. She was excited to do that, so we organized for us to get together next week.

In the afternoon I also tried to contact my friend Hester, who I thought would be at the rugby final on Sunday, but they were not, to check in on what they were up to and to hear their news. I will try her again tomorrow.

Here are two photos of Ken and I watching the ruby final at Settler’s Inn in Port Macquarie.

At our table from left: Liz, mwah and Ken.

Ken and I watching a happy moment in the match!

I have decided that I am also going to try to ‘allow myself’ some art time every day – to do something creative. I so enjoyed the time I had with Kerry’ out in South Africa being creative, as it feeds me in every which way – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I often think that I should be doing watercolors, but my love is still in lettering, and I think I should still do some of that, although my hands are not as steady as they were when I first began doing calligraphy. It is not perfection I crave but the joy of doing it.

Tonight, Ken and I will have the leftover curry and rice – yahee!

Ken had to have another MRI scan done late this afternoon, but he went into town on his own to allow me time at home as we have a couple coming to stay with us this Friday, and there is much still to be tidied and cleaned. Thank goodness their bedding has been washed, dried and ironed already!

Ken only got back home after seven o’clock but it was still light and so did not feel that late.

What lesson did I learn today? Persistence and the determination to do all the ironing. I did.

What am I grateful for today? Our home and my life here on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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