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Blog for Tuesday 7th March 2023

Yahee! Today is my youngest sister’s birthday and Ken and I hope she has a simply splendiferous day and feels very loved by us all in the family.

Last night my sister and I slept up in my studio again – leaving my poor man to face any slithering wrigglies or rats on his own downstairs! Snakes do not disturb Ken at all, whereas I can honestly say there are times when I would like to ask God, why He thought they should be part of creation.

After our supper last night and our time of sitting outside admiring the sky sprinkled with stars that looked like glitter scattered onto black velvet, and there was an enormous full moon which completed the wonderful picture, we went up to my studio and we began to watch a new series on Netflix. Just the first episode as we were both tired – “The Murduagh Murders”. (I think that is how you spell it!) We thought it looked very promising, but as I said, we have only watched one episode.

I did not go to sleep quickly as I was overtired, which happens sometimes after I have been teaching at school – I think my mind was still whirring around. I could hear the soft snoring, rather like a cat purring loudly, coming from where my sister was sleeping which just underlined my inability to go to sleep myself! But … of course, I eventually slid into the Land of Nod happily and quietly.

This morning Dee and I had coffee and rusks downstairs after folding up all the bedding up in my studio and she also packed her clothes and paraphernalia to take back home.

Sheelagh (whose birthday it is today) sent a lovely parcel of earrings, all the way from South Africa – one for each of the women in our family over here in Australia. Mine are gorgeous zebra prints with black tassels hanging from the zebra printed round discs. I LOVE them!

Ken took Dee across the river back to her vehicle and then she was off back home to Terrigal. I miss her already! I wish she could visit more frequently, but I fear the saga of a rat in the shed, plus snakes slithering in (all before she arrived) may put her off for some time!

After Dee left I did loads of washing and I began to work on the Scripture lessons for this coming Monday. It is the Monday that I will be critted on my lesson presentation, and that report goes to the Baptist Church, who are in charge of the SRE teachers in the public schools.

In the afternoon I was going to do the ironing, but decided I could do that in the morning tomorrow. Today I just cleaned and tidied and did the washing.

I was sitting outside trying to find somewhere cool, but there was not a breath of air – nothing moved not even a blade of grass. The earth steamed angrily with the heat.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a hot wind blew hard scattering all before it – leaves, twigs, anything that was loose and the sky grew very dark with heavy rain clouds. I was so excited as it looked as if we were in for an almighty storm, but … again, not for us. The clouds scudded over the farm, looking for somewhere else to deposit their loads.


What lesson did I learn today? To be disciplined in all that I do. (There was a horrid temptation to binge watch “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” the series I have just begun to watch!) But I watched ONE episode only!

What am I grateful for today? That my little sister came to visit in spite of the wildlife attempting to move into our home!

My saying for today is …

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