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Blog for Tuesday 7th May 2024

And I wish you all a ‘Happy Day’ for today!

I woke up this morning with my mind was already tumbling and jumbling with designs, pictures, sketches and ideas. Hopefully I will begin to get them down on paper and be happier with my ability to produce some drawings for my good friend Hester’s kiddies book.

My day began bright and early – well, it was not exactly bright, as it was pitch hell dark at that time of the morning!

It is most definitely a LOT cooler in the mornings now. I fear winter is approaching far quicker than I would like! But … moving on Gail Morgan, be grateful for the changing seasons. (I am suitably chastised … by myself!)

After doing a few more sketches for Hester, I decided that I am really not up to the level she needs for her book – she needs it formatted, the layout done, artwork, and both book covers designed too, and it is above my batting experience! So, phoned her and we had a long chat. Bless Hester she really understood and was not upset by my decision at all.

I am feeling that it was the right decision for me to have made.

What is has done for me though is to get me back to my art. I have several courses that I could kick off with and that are just waiting for me to start! Whoo-hoo! Here I go!

I have had to cancel Jill and Ian visiting us this weekend – Ian was coming to advise Tamryn on how to set p her ‘tiny home,’ but it is far too wet on the farm and we would not be able to get around that easily, plus Paddy, Tamryn and Matt’ will not be coming up, as it will still be raining and it is far too wet to get much done on the farm at the moment.

This afternoon I worked on my SRE (Special Religious Education) lessons for school later on this week, and I have my notes for tomorrow’s Bible Study Group already done. Yahee!

This afternoon I also went through all the courses I have collected over the year “to do one day!” and I have chosen to begin with 'Learn Pen and Ink with Watercolor Washes' today. I am so excited!

I set my watercolor palette up to match the lecturer’s one and sat glued listening and watching the first three lectures. “Thanks Hester, I am off on my own little journey with a smile plastered all over my face!”

What lesson did I learn today? To be honest in communication even if it is a difficult conversation for you to have.

What am I grateful for today? An understanding friend.

My saying for today is …

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