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Blog for Tuesday 7th November 2023

My goodness gracious golly gee! The time is simply whizzing by at the speed of light – we are already one week into November and one month has already gone after that horrific killing, kidnapping and abduction of civilians in Gaza, Israel by Hamas. Terrible and yet so many in the world applaud their actions! My mind boggles at that thought.

The weathermen have promised us a day without rain today – Ah! How sad. But for the rest of the week, it looks as if we may have more rain - not a lot – but more. How wonderful we had another 5.5mm of rain overnight last night. If it keeps this up our dams may start to fill again. We live in hope.

Today I will begin cleaning out our kitchen cupboards – wiping, cleaning, re-arranging and sorting out. I love to have things nice and neat for Christmas – not that anyone really notices, but I do!

I will also work on my SRE lessons today sometime, plus I have a new book to read – “The Deep-Down Things” which I am really looking forward to reading. I will use it as a reward for completing all my To Do List today! Yes, I often motivate myself by allowing myself small rewards along the way!

I also need to start thinking about Christmas and what we will be doing. I think it will probably just be us – Ken and mwah – here on the farm and we will ask Mich’, Robert, Josh’ and Ethan as they will be on their way up to Queensland to see Robert’s cousins for New Year, if they would like to join us. Ren’ and Paddy have invited us to their home to celebrate with all of them and the extended family, and Ren’s parents will be out from South Africa too, but it is so hard to leave the farm as someone has to be here to feed the animals. Last year we had a young guy come and stay here for a few days, but we cannot ask him again this year, as his family want him there with them too. But we have plenty of time to sort the who’s, where’s and when’s for Christmas later on!

Well, today I have spent my time scrubbing, wiping, drying and cleaning shelves in my kitchen cupboards. I removed all the crockery, baking tins et cetera and cleaning equipment and made sure everything was clean before re-arranging everything back. All that took basically my whole day apart from putting on washing – three loads – and hanging it out to dry and bringing it back in when it was dry.

Although I have not finished all the kitchen cupboards yet, I have done the major and the difficult ones! Yahee!

I did not get far with organizing my lessons for SRE next Monday, but I have already chosen the videos I will use, which is a step in the right direction.

For our supper later I made a savoury mince, mashed potatoes and peas – something simple, light and easy, but filling.

Tonight, I watched an episode of SAS Australia Season 5. I am totally fascinated by these people who put themselves through such rigorous and arduous physical, mental and emotional exercises. Absolutely incredible for me to watch!

After watching an episode, I gratefully snuggled down under our duvet, pleased to be tucked up in our bed and living my sort of life!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the simple things in life – like cleaning out my kitchen cupboards.

What am I grateful for today? A beautifully sunny day to dry all my washing.

My saying for today is …

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