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Blog for Tuesday 9th January 2024

Och! In the small, dark hours of today I woke up after yelling sharply out, and Ken asked me if I was alright. In my dream someone had thrown a small snake at me and thought it funny, but … I did not!

Dreams like that are far too real and I was still shaking for a while after waking up. It was time to get up and not lie in bed quivering!

My Quiet Time then went downstairs to have a shower and get dressed for the day.

Ken was off to see some guy about the power steering in the large quad bike  so he left the farm after he had had his breakfast.

When Ken left, I took out three basketfuls of washing and hung it out to dry.

But before Ken left I traced online his Christmas gift to me that I had not yet received – a pair of JBL blue tooth ear pieces. Remember I had had a pair but Raafie ate the one? Bless him (not!) I managed to trace it eventually (and hoo-boy, it travelled around the countryside before landing here) – to the Post Office in Long Flat. The search said they had arrived on 21st December, but we had not received any notification and certainly nothing in our post box. So, I phoned them and apparently they had forgotten to send me a notification and I can understand that over Christmas, (or just before) that little Post Office/Shop was a hive of activity and they were all rushed off their feet in there.

The good news was that Ken said he would swing by the Post Office and pick my gift up. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah for me!

He did. And now I am the proud owner of one and a half pairs of JBL blue tooth ear buds! Wonderful!

This morning s I said, I hung out the washing but suddenly – out of nowhere = we had a sudden light downpour, which Ken got caught in when on the quad bike riding up to the top shed! It was heavy enough too to make all the washing soggy again. I treated it as an bonus extra rinse!

But later at about four o’clock this afternoon, the sky suddenly grew dark so I rushed outside and quickly brought in the now once dry again washing before it got wet again! I won the race!

Today I have fiddled and faddled about, not achieving that much, but enjoying that I could have a day like that. I laid out the now unpicked lampshade, and I will use it as my pattern for the new shade I am hoping to create. I also got out some unbleached calico and ironed it – as that is the fabric I will use for the lampshade.

I finished my study early this morning, on 1 Thessalonians which Tony (our pastor) asked us all to read and study for this coming Sunday. Interesting!

Mich’ and Robert went away for a four day break and this time they went down the south coast which they have not explored yet, so that will be fun for them both. A change is as good as a holiday they say – say they will have a double whammy – holiday and holiday!

Tonight I will grill the steaks – as we still have three left, mash the potatoes, and serve them with mixed veggies and butternut. Nah-nah! I decided that was too much like yesterday's meal, so we had steaks, poached eggs and spaghetti (tinned tomato one) on toast. It was nice as a change.

Shoo! The heavens opened at about four o’clock and down the rain came tumbling, accompanied by thunder too. It just pelted down but I am not sure how much fell during that period. We got 14.5mm in that downpour!

What lesson did I learn today? To just enjoy the day.

What am I grateful for today? My JBL ear buds and the rain.

My saying today is

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