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Shamara on my laptop!

A new day and there I was still languishing in bed at after five o’clock! Wicked wench!

I slowly eased my way out of bed and fed my famished feline, made myself a steaming hot mug of coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Today, at about nine thirty Ryan came across to help us – Ken and mwah – to select the cattle we wanted to add to the ones already selected to go for sale.

What an absolute pleasure to have Ryan help us. He came across on his quad bike with three of his dogs, who certainly knew what they had to do, and did it!

Soon we had the whole herd in the ‘yards and between the three of us managed to select and put those going to the sale yards aside.

We left them there for several hours, plus the original selected cattle with them so that they would bond as a herd before moving them again across the river to the temporary yards there.

Ken, Ryan and I had a quick lunch together and a bit of a yarn before Ryan left us and Ken had his siesta for the day.

I went upstairs to my studio to do some work there but was interrupted several times by phone calls and texts.

Then it was time for Ken to get across the river and for Ryan to come up here to begin to move the cattle across the river. This is NOT a fun time for me, and I have to pray my back teeth out that the cattle behave and go quietly. Sometimes they do, other times they do not!

They did behave okay – I will not say well, because two of them managed to escape and there were several attempts to get them to cross the river, but … in the end the result was good. All tucked up in the temporary yards ready to be picked up in the morning.

When I saw Ken coming back across the river without cattle behind him and no Ryan, I knew they had won the battle! Wonderful!

It was such a nice feeling at the end of the day to have all the cattle work done for the moment. There were forty-eight cattle off to the sale-yards and are now ready to be picked up early tomorrow morning.

I spent the late afternoon sitting outside listening for any sounds across the river to alert me to problems with getting the cattle into the temporary yards. It was quiet which was a very good sign!

What lesson did I learn today? Patience. Patience. Patience.

What am I grateful for today? That the cattle are safely in the temporary ‘yards on the other side of the river.

My saying for today is …

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