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Blog for Wednesday 10th January 2024

Oh no! I woke myself, and the entire household up with one blood curdling scream at nine minutes past four this morning!

My alarm was obviously set for quite a bit earlier as when it rang I gave it a whack and when  it was silent rolled over to sleep on a little, but .. then in my dream or rather nightmare a person threw this huge snake (always a snake or someone jumping out to harm me,) at me, and I screamed. You know those-sort-of-screams when your lips curl right back off your teeth (like a horse does) and you let rip!

Not pretty and rather loud.

Poor Ken levitated, and was floating well above our bed, Raafie was thoroughly confused and terrified at the same time, so he dived well under the duvet, and Shamara squirted out our bedroom!

When I yell or scream it is very loud as I am r-r-r-really scared!

Not the nicest way to wake up of a morning, but … there you go, I was WIDE awake so got up. I am hoping this does not mean a period of nightmares one after another again.

Sometimes that happens, and it is not much fun.

Ken thought that our friends Frik and Frank would be here at about ten o’clock, so I quickly planned to shower at nine thirty, but … as I turned on the shower our friends arrived. They got here nice and early and they would have been here even earlier as Frik suggested to Frank that he would pick him up at four o’clock this morning! Frank is still in a state of shock!

Frank brought us some simply deliciously marvelous enormous banana and caramel muffins. Shoo! To die for dearies! Mine is now hanging around my hips!

I had not banked on them being here for lunch (which they normally do not do), plus we go in tomorrow to buy groceries, so I was really an Old Mother Hubbard with nothing in the cupboard. Both Frik and Frank opted for peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches – very polite and nice of them! They even really enjoyed them with much smacking of their lips and licking of fingers!

Frank and Frik left the farm at about two thirty to head back into Port Macquarie where they both live with their spouses, as Frank wanted to go for a bike ride this afternoon. WE waved them a fond farewell and let them go.

Ken went off to have his siesta and I went up to my studio to measure and mark out my fabric that I am using to cover the large lampshade. Ag! My scissors are all so blunt, they were all chewing the fabric and not cutting it, so I will have to get a decent pair tomorrow when in town.

Ah yes! I almost forgot to mention that yesterday’s rain measure 15mm – just a few drizzle drops after the storm which gave us 14.5mm. Everything is greening and growing at a rate of knots that Ken mowed our grass two days ago and it needs to be mowed again already!

Frank brought Ken two kilos of biltong today (biltong that Ken had ordered – much to Ken’s absolute delight, so I think we may even have scrambled eggs with biltong on toast for a light meal tonight! It was delicious!

Although the weathermen predicted rain for our area, up until five o’clock today there was nary a drop or drizzle! But maybe tonight when we are sleeping? We still need a lot more rain to fill our dams.

What lesson did I learn today? It is good to hang out with people who really care about you – it is so good for one’s soul.

What am I grateful for today?  Good friends and family.

My saying for today is …


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