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Blog for Wednesday 10th May 2023

I had a wonderful sleep last night as even when I got up Raafie continued to sleep until seven o’clock and he never woke up once during the night! My puppy is growing up.

This morning I did all the ironing – which was few hours of work and patience. It was all Ken’s clothing from his fishing holiday, plus the clothes that he did not wear but which had got creased in his case. Yahee! That was a nice one to cross off my To Do List for Today. Wonderful!

Next for me on my list, was to tidy our home, which I did with a one-two and three. The dust I left to create a little ambience and mood setting!

Oh rats! I think I have done it again – I paid the wrong Telstra account which means I am in trouble! I wish they would just join the two accounts, so I do not do this again! I did make a note today of which account is which, but I will have to phone them tomorrow to confess my stupidity.

For the rest of the day, I worked on my talk for church this Sunday. I started it all over again as I just was not that happy with what I had done so far. I began right from the beginning again and then late this afternoon I read it to Ken, and he really enjoyed it. So maybe it is now finished.

Then I got out the Sunday School lesson and went over it and did some of the handwork, so everything is well prepared for Sunday too.

My school SRE lessons I still have a lot of work to do to get those to where I like them to be. I will try again to morrow to get those done and dusted.

Ken slept in again today and I am not rushing him although I would dearly like him to be a little more active. Next week, I will get him to start walking with me around the farm and taking Raafie for a walk with us. I am sure the other dogs would love that too. So next week it is!

For our supper tonight we are having a simple meal of pasta, chicken, bacon and cheese, served with a fresh tossed garden salad.

Yahee! Tonight, I can watch my Binge series, and I am so looking forward to watching. I try hard to be disciplined and not fall into bingeing on a series, but only allow myself one episode per evening. (I have been known to weaken though!)

It was another early night for the three of us – Ken, Raafie and mwah! I love that – getting into bed nice and early and then reading my book or watching something on my phone all snug and warm. Beautiful!

What lesson did I learn today? You can truly live even on the quiet days.

What am I grateful for today? A quiet day.

My saying for today is …

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