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Blog for Wednesday 11th January 2023

I flopped out of bed at five o’clock! Shoo, I am making this a habit of late, not so? I think I am on holiday that’s why! My goodness gracious I need to get my act together now.

I fed my feline and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

At six o’clock I leered over the wall at the top of the studio stairs, down to Paddy in the main shed area to let him know what the time was as I knew he wanted to be out working by half past six this morning to beat the heat.

He was.

He hopped onto the tractor and after letting the dogs out their kennels was on his way to do more spraying. I listened to the growl of the tractor grow fainter as he moved further away.

Once Paddy and Matt’ had had their breakfast they were off and away to clear up and remove a thorn tree down alongside the bottom shed. I watched Paddy working the tractor and then decided that my nerves were at twanging point and no need to stress more than I have to. Should there be a problem of any sort I would soon know!

Paddy and Matt’ did a wonderful job at removing said thorn tree and fixing the fence line there too. They worked out there in the sun until after one o’clock but today they did not suffer any heat stroke, thank goodness.

Ken left in the morning to go into town to see if the company that deals with heavy farm and industrial equipment will be able to untwist our tractor forks. He also had a few other things to do but I do not think that he will be in town for too long.

The guys at the steel business looked at the sad bent and twisted tractor forks and said they could repair then, but as it was both bent and twisted it would require a lot of work. Hmmm, that sounds expensive already!

I spent the whole morning cleaning - yes, and areas that no one even notices but I do! I dusted and cleaned two large bookcases, I dusted and washed three of the existing fie swivel chairs that are seated around the oval conference table. They take forever and a day to do as they have five spider like legs and no matter how hard I try they never look clean.

I also sorted out the ‘Applicators’ (used to spray dose on the cattle) box and put that away. I dusted, wiped and cleaned the three bins for the seed for the birds/Guinea fowl and the biscuits for the dogs. I also wiped down the fridge and packed more cans of coke into it too.

By the time I had done that it was time to set out things for lunch – the normal wraps or toasties with the different meats – ham, chicken, steaks – and salads.

Then it was time for the three of us to retire and rest as it was by then very hot. Time to read, watch a movie or snooze. I chose to read.

Ken got back home before three o’clock but as I was listening to my audio book, had the earphones in and was upstairs, I did not hear him at all. It was only when I went downstairs to start preparing for supper tonight that I saw that he was fast asleep in our bed!

I do not think that Paddy or Matt’ heard Ken arrive home either, as they were pushing z’s around in the main shed area! A good and sensible way to spend time out of the heat.

Tonight, we are having savory mince, mashed potatoes with stir fry vegetables – something light but substantial too. In this heat one does not feel like eating much, but it is silly not to eat.

Again tonight, we sat outside watching the day slowly leak away as we chatted and laughed together. It is a lovely way to end a day.

What lesson did I learn today? Baby steps Gail and you will get there!

What am I grateful for today? More work done on the farm by Paddy and Matt’.

My saying for today is …

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