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Blog for Wednesday 11th October 2023

A new day arrived silently, wrapped in the soft darkness of an early morning.

I slipped out of bed without disturbing Josh’, carried the heavy stool out our bedroom and sat in the passage to have my Quiet Time and upload my blog.

I did that as Tyra’ and Andrew were sleeping on the couches in the lounge area, so I could not go down there and the other rooms were full of sleeping bodies too!

Plus, the internet or Wi-fi was working initially and then voeps, it was all gone. So many friends and family were phoning me on WhatsApp, but I could not hear them as there was no connection. Shame, Ken had been phoning me for hours without getting through to me. Later, I managed to send a text message to him by using Tyra's hotpot on her phone, to tell him that there was a problem with the comms here. Both James and Kerry’ went down to the Wi-fi bloke to ask if there was something wrong with their router, and Kerry’ even took their router down to him. But, apparently, two towers were down, broken or the batteries stolen and they were trying to fix them, but by the end of the day they were still not working.

At breakfast the family sang to me or my birthday and after breakfast I opened all my gifts – my goodness gracious me, I have been spoilt rotten. I got a pair of lovely black sparkly slops, a black and white shirt, a black and white soft summer dress, some cotton longs and lots of money! How incredible is that?

I really had a purr-fect birthday!

Andrew left early as he had a conference to attend over the next two days, then James, Robert, Scott and Josh’ went to play a serious game of golf. Their game lasted the whole day, with much competition taking place! In the end James and Josh’ won the game much to Scott and Robert’s disappointment!

Kerry’ had organised a day of creating something beautiful, to celebrate my special day. She had bought paints and ceramic items – a plate, a mug and lots of spoon dishes - for us to paint, and she hopes to have them fired before we fly out.

From Left: Kerry', Mich' and Tyra' creating!

What fun! Mich’ painted a spoon dish and the oval plate. Tyra’ painted a spoon dish and I painted three spoon dishes using a bubble pattern in greys and one in blue. It was such a happy way to celebrate today, and with lots of chitter-chatter and laughter to add to the enjoyment. Yes, there is absolutely nothing or no one as precious as family! Nothing!

Mich’ managed to sort out our flight out of Durban to Johannesburg (the domestic leg) and we were blessed as they credited the flight that we had missed when we arrived in South Africa, which meant only a small fee to pay. Wonderful! Plus, this time we have left ourselves plenty of wiggle room should the flight times be changed, so hopefully there will be none of missing our connections.

In the afternoon after our creative morning, Kerry’ went off to get the internet/Wi-Fi problem sorted out, Mich’ went to have a siesta and Tyra’ had to do some work, so I decided to finish off my blog so it would be ready once the internet was working again.

It is only when something is not there – like the internet – that one realises just how much we depend on it. I hope I will appreciate it more from now onwards!

Kerry’ made a Durban lamb curry for us tonight - something I miss terribly in Australia as Australia does not have the Indian population (and thus does not have all the curries and spices and fabrics) that South Africa has.

I am excited as my little sister, Sheelagh, and my niece Sharon (or Shazzi as I call her) will be visiting me and staying here with me for two nights while Kerry’ et famille do a walk through the game reserve at Hluhluwe. I was not that keen on doing that as I do not have my man to protect me should a lion charge or a rhino be irritated with me and I would have to shimmy up a tree!

What lesson did I learn today? Live in the moment and enjoy.

What am I grateful for today? All my lovely birthday gifts! Yes, I feel very loved and spoilt.

My saying for today is …

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