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Blog for Wednesday 13th September 2023

I was up and out of our bed by four minutes past four, closely followed by Madam Shamara! She sticks to me like glue until I have dished her food out and then … she ignores me! I am no longer needed, and I am ignored for a while until cuddles and strokes are needed!

Often when I am having my Quiet Time, Madam Shamara drapes herself alongside my laptop and with one outstretched paw manages to turn it off! I could cheerfully wring her neck when she does that as it takes a while to reboot up! I am quite sure she knows what she is doing too as she gazes at me so innocently whilst doing so! Yeah right! Innocent my foot! (Or rather her foot!)

I was just thinking about my life today and realized that ‘the good old days’ are the ones I am living right now – if I will but recognize their possibilities and richness! Our society has always revered youth and rightly so in many ways. But sometimes it seems (according to our society) that it is only when you are in your twenties (or so) that you can ‘enjoy life to the fullest’ (now that is a lie) and after that the joy begins to drain out – and at speed!

But I am finding that those so called plain and ordinary days can work out to be extraordinary ones in my life, if I but would recognize the beauty and the goodness of God in them. As I age, I have, or I have made the time to appreciate all around me which perhaps in my youth I did not have the time or eyes to see.

My body may ache and creak and groan a little now, but my heart sees more now than when I was young and is richer for it.

Yes! I enjoy my life more now! So, take hope all you youngsters, you have much joy ahead of you, so stress not when the years begin to add up. Happiness and the sheer wonder of life lies ahead for you if you will but recognize it!

Oh dear! I waxed quite lyrical there now, did I not? Hah! Crash! I was soon down on the ground and running.

This morning Ken and I left the farm at about half past nine, leaving Paddy fencing. Shame, poor guy as it was an awkward place to be fencing, but Paddy is so keen to get this farm well fenced, with a lot more smaller camps fenced than we have at present. It is a lot of work, but … he is never one to be frightened off by that!

I had originally thought that our run into town would not be hectic, but how wrong can one get! We had so many different places to stop and call in at, and that always takes up much time. I also, amongst all that rushing around, wanted to get my hair cut, so that it will be the right length when I fly out to South Africa for Tyra’s wedding. (Woman, thy name is ‘Vanity’!) I was really lucky as I booked online but when I got there I went straight in as the next person in the queue was not there! Wonderful! With a few snips I was shorn and ready to rush on.

In amongst all the here and there actions, I bought a suitcase which I am hoping will survive my trip! It really is not the best, but it is the right size and with a lot of prayer it should be okay. It is starting to get really, exciting – this trip of mine, as it is becoming more ‘real’ now.

Ken and I achieved quite a lot today in town so that was a rewarding result, and we got back home at half past three – or there abouts. Paddy had kindly left the ute’ on the other side of the river for us to be able to cross the river with all our paraphernalia.

Once home, Paddy made me a coffee and then I unpacked and put away the groceries, Paddy was working on his laptop and Ken went out to feed the bulls. Our household began to settle into a more normal beat.

We basically had leftovers for supper – I made more mashed potatoes, heated the peas and the large pork chops and that was our meal.

Paddy, Raafie and I were soon tucked up and fast asleep in our respective beds. Ken followed later as he was watching some sport on TV for a while.

What lesson did I learn today? That one can move and manoeuvre fast when you know the layout of a shop! I have Aldis layout printed on my brain.

What am I grateful for today? Today!

My saying for today is …

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