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Blog for Wednesday 15th March 2023

Oh, my goodness, gracious, golly gee! We are halfway through the third month of 2023 – that is, we are a quarter of the way through this year already! How on earth did that happen so quickly, I wonder?

Again, I had a restless night (and so did my poor long-suffering man!) last night. I was obviously dreaming again as Ken had to wake me up to stop my dreaming whatever I was dreaming about. I wish I could switch off those dreams as it is rather tiring!

I only got out of bed at half past five today, which I find most annoying as I have “lost” one and a half hours of my normal early morning routine. Luckily for me, I do not have anything pressing to be done today.

After my normal early morning routine, I did an hour of ironing and Paddy again hung out my washing – bless him. ‘Many hands make light work!’

Today is my good friend, Kat’s birthday! “So Happy Birthday to you my dear friend and many more to follow! I hope you have a splendiferous day and are spoilt rotten to boot!” It was so nice to chat to her on her special day – and I caught her before she went out for lunch to celebrate with her Queensland friends (where she now lives.)

Paddy left the farm at midday as he is working on Thursday (tomorrow,) and needed to get home and organized before returning to work. It is always sad to see him go but he will be back soon, bringing a young couple up to the farm for a weekend, which will be nice.

I spent the whole afternoon going through games for children – I was looking for something to use in my SRE class for the little ones, the Kinder to Year 3 age group. I still have not found a game that underscores the lesson yet, but I will keep looking. I took a break from scrolling through the hundreds of games I have saved over the years, and then worked on the lesson itself.

I saw a warning of a severe thunderstorm for our area came through just now, but we will wait to see if that comes to fruition, so often it does not. I brought the washing in quickly though, just in case!

We missed out on the severe thunderstorm (Yahee!) but had a sudden very heavy, but short, downpour of rain. I think Ken said we had 8mm in that short time. At least we got some rain. So, we must have been on the outskirts of that storm.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience again!

What am I grateful for today? The extra rain.

My saying for today is …

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