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Blog for Wednesday 15th May 2024

I was awake again at three – or just before three o’clock, but as it was chilly, I lay in bed for a few extra minutes before catapulting out of bed and into the chilliness of the new day!

Shamara was sitting in the bedroom doorway waiting!

After feeding said feline I made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and get my Bibles, books, notes et cetera for our Bible Study Group this morning.

Can you believe it … we were the first ones to arrive at Sandra and Noel’s for Bible Study Group this morning! You could have knocked me over with a feather! But it was such a good feeling.

I made some ham sandwiches and decorated the plate with lettuce and baby tomatoes for our morning teatime at Sandra and Noel’s.  We also had chocolate digestive biscuits, spinach and cheese pastries, and freshly baked scones with butter, cream and an assortment of jams!

Ken and I left as soon as we could after Bible Study Group as Ken brought me back home before he turned around and headed back into Wauchope to pick up cattle feed. I know it was a huge slurp for him, but I needed to get back home to bake a batch of rusks and try to clean our home, in which one little Jack Russell insists on distributing great quantities of mud with gay abandon!

It is a little soul destroying to clean a room and then one turns around and it is mud bespattered! Oh, bless those four dirty paws!

I scrubbed pans and pots, unpacked and re-packed the dish washer, and kept an eagle eye on the rusks as they baked.

Shame, I felt terrible asking Ken to bring me home this morning, as he was insistent that it would only take an hour if I went with him into Wauchope after our Bible Study Group. But … in reality I KNEW it would be at least two hours, (and I was correct in my so-called guesswork), plus I can get an awful lot done at home in two hours. (Which I did!)

I brought the washing in, and it was so nice to have dry washing to bring in! I will do the ironing later in the week.

For our supper I made curried mince – using the curry powders and spices I had bought when in South Africa – and a pot of brown rice. I will serve that with buttered slices of bread and chutney.

I am off to teach at school tomorrow – something I really do enjoy as the children keep me very real, and I get to laugh a lot with them too. Happy moments. Thankfully I have my lessons well prepared, and the games are ready to go too.

Mich’ and I are now started another book in the Bible this week – this time 1 Samuel. We are reading in the Bible chronologically and are taking that journey over two years. I am loving it!

I did not art today, but I am happy with what I managed to do so far in our home. One has to just see the amount of mud everywhere to appreciate just how hard it is to keep our home clean!

What lesson did I learn today? How much I enjoy the people in our Bible Study Group.

What am I grateful for today? Ken bringing me home after Bible Study Group this morning, before he set out to go into Wauchope.

My saying for today is …

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