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Blog for Wednesday 15th November 2023

So, I had to get better quick smart!

I was awake bright and early this morning, even before four o’clock – though why, I do not understand for last night Raafie was in and out and all the dogs were barking their heads off. Must be foxes around and close by, I think.

Raafie would dive off the bed with his little legs pumping like a windmill and he would disappear into the dark, and then suddenly this bullet like furry body would hurtle itself back onto our bed and often right onto me!

All that action did not lead to a quiet, peaceful sleep at all! Plus, I woke up crying for my Mum twice during the night, and then just before I woke up I was swinging at something or someone as I connected with my bedside lamp and sent it flying. Poor lamp, it does get hammered by me!

I had my Quiet Time and then woke Ken up at six o’clock as he had to be at the hospital early for several tests, and later a lumbar puncture for more tests to be carried out.

Shoo! Just thinking about what he was to go through chased any feelings of sickness from me. Seriously it did! My sniffles were almost gone, no sore throat and my headaches had all but gone completely! Moral of that is, when you concentrate on others and their problems your own aches and pains, troubles or worries disappear!

I waved a fond farewell to my man as he bounced and banged down the road and across the river into the blue yonder. Then Raafie and I came back inside to settle for the day.

I did three loads of washing – yes, I have white cushions and throws on our dark green leather furniture and Raafie loves them all – especially when he has had a swim in the dam, run through the grass and returned home nice and muddy! In his world they are simply there to help dry him and remove any mud! Yeah right!

Raafie has stuck to me today like superglue. I think when things happen ‘the seem out of sync’ he gets thrown – like Ken going off with a suitcase (in case he has to stay overnight in hospital.) He really is such a dear little furry friend and I love him to bits.

Today. I listened to some of my Bible studies as I did a few more stitches on my cross-stitch. I have done this particular cross -stitch off and on over the years, and I guess it will still be some time before I finish it as it is very detailed.

This is a picture of the finished piece …

Picture that I am working from.

And this is where I am working on in the cross-stitch piece now – you can see the face beginning to form, and her ear! It is a fair size too - I have to stop every now and again because I get cross-eyed from counting each and every stitch I make. But it is an excellent lesson in concentration and patience!

Yahee! Ken phoned me after he had some tests and the lumbar punch at about half past one. But he had to lie still on his back for three hours and then go back to physiotherapy for more tests. He was still hoping to come home tonight but will only know if that is possible later.

I hope he comes home tonight. I miss the man!

I read through the notes for my SRE lessons on Monday and glanced at the lesson for Sunday Kids Church but need to do quite a bit of work on all the lessons yet.

I fed the dogs for Ken in case he came home tonight, as I am sure he will be tired.

I am hovering over what to cook tonight – if Ken gets to come home, I will grill pork chops and them with hot veggies, but if it is just me here, I will have spaghetti (tinned) on toast with a salad on the side. I have everything ready to go whichever is needed.

My man came home – hallelujah!

Shoo! Today has been another hot one and it looks as if we may get rain tomorrow which will be lovely.

What lesson did I learn today? Not to worry but to rather pray.

What am I grateful for today? That Ken was in good hands at the hospital.

My saying for today is …

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