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Blog for Wednesday 17th January 2024

Wow! When the sun was up the whole farm was bathed in the golden glow of sunshine, and after the rain everything looks washed and bright green – so beautiful!

Good I will be able to hang out all the washing this morning.

I did so.

Then I unpacked, sorted, de-cluttered and put back neatly the contents of two large cupboards. One had all my calligraphy work and books in it, and the other had board games, Whodunnit cases. Packets and packets of cards too. It was such a nice feeling when I finished working as the cupboards look so nice and neat now.

That little task took me several hours as I checked each card pack to make sure that the whole deck was there, and I threw out a couple of broken sets.

Ken went into town at about midday – or even later, to pick up a heater lamp for the little guinea fowl keets, as they are not warm enough with an ordinary light globe. Poor little bits of fluff on tiny feet– for that is all they are at the moment.

Chris (hen or rooster I am not sure of?) is very happy in his own cage alongside the guinea fowl keets. So, our new little birds are settled and growing rapidly.

While Ken was out, I phoned and chatted to Sandra (we have Bible Study Group in their home tomorrow) and I suggested I bake a chocolate sponge cake. Sandra said I was to do whatever I felt like doing, so … it was a chocolate cake that I baked this afternoon!

In the morning tomorrow, I will whip the cream and mix a little of it with strawberry jam for the middle layer of the cake. The top with be decorated with whipped cream and strawberries and little bits of chocolate. This is be eaten by not the faint hearted or those who are watching their waistlines!

At about six o’clock the thunder began rolling over us and I think we may be in for several severe storms throughout the night. Our area has just received a warning about that!

I will have to turn my laptop off now – for fear of it being struck by lightning, and I will continue my blog in the morning once calm has been established again.

I climbed into bed – once in our bedroom one has absolutely no idea whether the rain is pelting down or not – it is almost soundproof in there. It did not stop me from falling asleep as I could check on the rainfall the morning!

What lesson did I learn today? Set a task for the day and DO it!

What am I grateful for today? Whatever rain we received. 

My saying for today is …

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