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Blog for Wednesday 17th May 2023

Raafie must have climbed into bed with Ken in the early hours of today – (with a lot of help from Ken I may add, as Raafie cannot get onto our bed yet!)

I was up and down with Raafie last night and I battled to go to sleep initially too, which was a little irritating, but … hey, if that is all I have to complain about, best I keep quiet!

I went up to my studio and had my Quiet Time and then began to shiver and shake. Why? I have another dentist appointment today – not my favourite thing to do!

Ken and I left the farm at before half past nine. We left in two vehicles as mine had to have its Pink Slip check done, so I left it with Klane, our mechanic and then hopped into the ute’ with Ken and we headed straight to the dentist. Oh-er! Shiver me timbers and all that!

They are just so nice at the dentist and the girls there remembered that last time I was there that we were off after my appointment to pick up my new puppy – namely Raafie! I was able to show them some photos of him and he was greatly admired and oo-ed and ah-ed over!

After the dentist, with my mouth all lopsided as a result of the numbing injection for my fillings, we headed across to Settlement City. While I flitted from here to there and there to here, Ken sat down and had a flat white coffee and donuts! As you do when you wife is out shopping.

Well, I really did not have that much shopping to do per se, but I needed a new battery for my watch but ‘Mr Minit,‘(one of those pop-up stalls in the middle of the centre) had run out of those particular batteries so we had to leg it back to Port Central, where a very kind young guy replaced the battery for me. He was on lunch break but saw me standing there waiting patiently and he offered to come back in and help me – I asked for him to be greatly blessed because of that kindness!

Now that my teeth had been filled and my watch battery replaced, I was all done with town. So, we headed back into Wauchope as Ken had to call on the four rural shops for quotes for a lot of stuff for the farm.

We then headed for our mechanic’s shop, and bless that man, he had done the inspection for the Pink Slip, and I could pick up my dear little car and speed off back home.

I met Ken at our Highway Gate (as he was behind me) and down at the river I left my car there, hopped into the ute’ and Ken and I crossed the river and headed up the hill home.

There we were greeted with whoops of delight by all four dogs and one puppy!

It was good to be home.

What lesson did I learn today? Everything comes to an end … even dentist appointments!

What am I grateful for today? Only one more dentist appointment to go – next week.

My saying for today is …

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