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Blog for Wednesday 18th January 2023

Yikes! I woke up at one o’clock and battled to go to sleep again. Don’t you just hate that when that happens? But even so … I was up and out of bed at a few minutes past four this morning! Whoop-dee-doo-dee!

Nah-nah! I did not say bright eyed, and bushy tailed … just awake and moving!

I fed Shamara, made my coffee and quietly made my way up the creaking, squeaking stairs to my studio where I had a lovely long Quiet Time.

When it was light enough to see outside, I felt as if I was gift wrapped for the day, as there were layers and layers of soft white mist surrounding our shed. Just beautiful. What a way to start my day!

Once everyone had abluted, had something to eat for breakfast we again went our separate ways – well, my men went off together down to the bottom shed to get the spreader filled for Ken to begin to spread the fertilizer in the Pteridium Camp.

I decided (rather foolishly, I fear) to make some lamb neck curry for tonight! So I made my own curry mix using masses of spices et cetera and am hoping it will taste something like the Durban curry mix we had in South Africa. I can but try!

So, I put the curry on to cook extremely slowly throughout today in my slow cooker and will cook the rice later.

Today I decided I would work long and hard on my laptop, getting all the games/object lessons et cetera in some semblance of order before I begin to teach Scripture again at school. I never realized just how much I have accumulated of these things over the years of teaching. This is going to take some time to organize, but … I must just begin … and keep going until it is done!

I received an email from the Baptist Church requesting that I do refresher courses on the modules I have already done – which is normal, as they are trying to keep us up to date in our teaching methods and so on. I love doing the courses anyway so it is no bother for me. I have two days in February which I will take part in Zoom refresher course meetings.

I also had to fill in a form to make sure my details et cetera are up to date too, but the wretched form just kept coming back to me, saying there was a problem with it. Right! I know that problem will be me, and I have no idea of how to fix that!

Ken and Paddy worked hard out in the boiling sunshine today, spreading fertilizer. Paddy doing the hard slog of filling the spreader with fertiliser, and then Ken would whizz off on the tractor, spreading it as fast as he could. They did the Pteridium Camp and then the Large River Camp, and now … we wait hopefully for the rain!

Shame they both came in dripping sweat and looking a little on the haggard side of life. I felt quite guilty having had a day in the cooler indoors, just working on my laptop.

In the afternoon, seeing I had really made the totally wrong meal for today – I mean curry, Gail what were you thinking? I decided to make a butterscotch self-saucing pudding to be served cold with icy cold custard. (I think we may need it, as I just tasted the curry and … it is hot!) Best I have glasses of milk on standby!

Well after all that, Paddy had two helpings of the curry as he enjoyed it that much! For me, it was a little too hot, but I am on a learning curve to find the best curry mix I can create.

Today vanished silently as we sat outside around the fire enjoying the scene around us – the soft emerald green of our pastures dotted with the red of our Bonsmara herds, the cooing of doves in a nearby tree, the odd screech from an irritated guinea fowl – and all these things were wrapped in the hope of rain to come.

What lesson did I learn today? More patience in filling in online forms!

What am I grateful for today? My life on the farm.

My saying for today …

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