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Blog for Wednesday 18th October 2023

My day began at twenty to five this morning. Another slow start to my day after a lovely deep sleep. It has been wonderful allowing my body to wake up when it wants to – but most times it was four o’clock unless we went to bed very lat – which happened often!

When I got up, I brought my laptop into bed with me as I could put the light on with Josh’ no longer sharing the room with me, but I left my phone still charging on the little desk at the far wall. Then at five o’clock I received another ‘Unknown Caller’ call – from South Africa! OI had to dive out of my bed to silence the call – when that happened before both Josh’ and I rushed to stop the noise, but today I was on my own!

After breakfast and about mid-morning, Mich’ and Robert waved a fond ‘Farewell!’ to us all - as they had booked into a beautiful B&B apartment on top of a Radisons in Umhlanga Rocks for two nights. They wanted a ‘mini honeymoon’ and time to stroll around Umhlanga Rocks.

Kerry’ brought down a lot of art stuff from her studio, plus lots of canvas pieces for us to get creative on.

Kerry’ did a lovely table runner in green and I created two cushion covers, which I will then add splashes of colour. I love embroidery and this will give me an excuse to do some! It was great fun and kept me out of mischief for a while.

Kerry's runner drying.

My cushion cover design – a bit messy ow but will look neater when I embroider it too.

James was busy around their home – as he is creating a shelf and odd this and that’s to their laundry. He also took the four dogs for a walk while Kerry’ and I painted and chatted away in our little corner.

Mich’ sent me a few photos of the apartment they are staying in and it looks really lovely.

This morning I woke up feeling nauseous and as I had no intention of giving into any tummy bug, I took a ‘Travel Sickness’ tablet, which certainly made me very drowsy! It felt like I was walking in thick mud and my eyes kept threatening to slam shut! So, in the afternoon I went to have a quick siesta, but I slept for half an hour! Wonderful!

I arose feeling so much better thank goodness, and I pray that is the last of any tummy bug.

I introduced Kerry’ and James to ‘SAS Australia’ via YouTube on the TV. Kerry’

and I watched a few episodes – the language is not good, in fact, it is horrible but apart from that it is very entertaining watching the participants go through a variety of almost impossible task.

For supper the three of us – James, Kerry’ and mwah had the left-over chicken curry with beans and lentils. Oh so yummy! And then James and I shared the little bit of milk tart was left!

We had an early night tonight - I was in bed by nine thirty and was, (I am sure!) sound asleep before my body was in bed,

Another happy day ended! I now have only three days left in South Africa! I have arranged via Sheelagh (my sister) to meet with her so she can show me where she is living now, and then we will go across to Eric’s home to meet up Eric et famille and Sven and Shan (they are my nephews.)

Sheelagh phoned me during the day today to tell me that Tony (her husband) had just had an attempt to steal his vehicle with him in it! Scary stuff. He was driving along the Esplanade with his window open and when he stopped at the traffic lights a well-dressed African man leaned into his window, gave Tony a whack and attempted to take the car keys from him, but he only succeeded in stealing the remote and all Tony’s home keys.

The Indian man driving behind Tony, as the next set of lights got out and asked Tony is he was alright and told him that he had got out his weapon and was willing to shoot the African man should anything escalate.

Tony must have got a terrible fright as on the surface out here everything looks okay- a thin veneer that disappears when things like that happening broad daylight!

What lesson did I learn today? To keep your car windows shut – or you could be taken hostage or something worse, plus be minus your vehicle.

What am I grateful for today? That is was not me in the vehicle when the guy tried to swipe Tony’s car!

My saying for today is …

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