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Blog for Wednesday 1st March 2023

I was awake at about a quarter to four this morning and out of bed by five past four! Whoop-dee-doo-dee!

I had my Quiet Time in the darkness downstairs, as Mich' was asleep in my studio and I did not want to put on any lights downstairs as the studio only has half walls and the light would shine into her room. So, when I was ready to, I touch typed on my lap top in the dark!

At six o’clock the sky above the horizon was slashed by brilliant reds, oranges and shocking pinks as they bled onto the blue linen of the sky. It was just the day announcing her arrival. Just stunning!

When Mich' woke up she joined me downstairs and we had a mug of coffee and Ouma rusks together, just to prove that we really were awake!

I had planned a quiet week while Michelle is here, just rest and relaxation for Mich’ while here with us on the farm, and today we stuck to that plan!

We showered and dressed for the day. then Ken checked with the rural store when the Cattle Nuts for the bulls would arrive today, as he would have to drive into Wauchope to pick them up. While he waited for their phone call informing him of their arrival, he rested.

Mich’ had emails and her resume and other things to do, so she worked on her i-pad, and I also worked on my laptop with her in my studio.

I did some work on my Scripture lessons for school on Monday, then I entered all the invoices for the farm for February. Later I forwarded that information down to Ren’ – our daughter-in-law – who does the farm books. Yahee! That job done.

Ken only went into Wauchope at about one o’clock, when Mich’ and I had some lunch, but he did not want to eat as he was in a hurry to fetch the ton of Cattle nuts.

Ken went off in such a rush that he left his wallet behind, poor guy, so he had not a cent when he arrived in town. That meant no mugs of coffee for him today and it means a return journey to pay for said Cattle nuts!

While Ken was in town Mich’ had an afternoon nap and I read my book. I sat outside as it was just so hot. Outside and in the shade, there was a nice breeze blowing, so I took advantage of both and also enjoyed my book.

As Ken was still not home and Mich’ was still asleep, I began to prepare the potatoes and salmon for our supper tonight. The salad Mich’ would do just before we ate. That meant more talking time later, without any interruptions needed for meal preparations! Marvelous.

When Ken got back home he took the Cattle nuts down to the bottom shed, fed the bulls, checked the cattle in the Large River Camp, fed the dogs and then he joined Mich’ and I outside.

The three of us laughed and chatted outside until it was growing dark and it was time to have our evening meal and then retire later to our respective beds.

Today had been another lovely day in my life. Having any family visit us is always such a pleasure for me.

What lesson did I learn today? To live in the moment.

What am I grateful for today? The lovely breeze that comes up from the river every day at about lunch time.

My saying for today is …

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