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Blog for Wednesday 1st May 2024

Yes! Do be quiet!

I was up before the fowls this morning and looking forward to filling my day with all the energy I could muster!

I quickly fed Shamara to silence the howl of hunger, made myself a coffee and then I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

After that I packed the paraphernalia for our Bible Study Group this morning at Sandra and Noel’s in Ellenborough.

What a lovely morning we all had. There were all nine of us there and we had a good discussion or three! Even Ian, - him what was whacked on the noggin by that falling beam the other day – was there! We really have such a lovely group of people in our group and the longer we meet the closer we all get.

I organized with Sandra and Noel to get a lift with them so I can help organize the food for Cheryl’s wake on Friday. Ken cannot be there as we are sending cattle to the sale yards, and they are being fetched on Friday afternoon so Ken has to be here for that.

I will help Ken select the steers that are going on the Friday morning, but he will have to get Peter (our friend fetching them) to help him load them.

From our Bible Study Group we headed into Wauchope where we re-fueled my little car, then we stopped at the jewelers as I needed my cross necklace repaired. I also order something for a gift for someone.


From there we went into Port Macquarie and did a rush around in there! Ken had to re-activate his bank card (remember he reported his wallet missing and cancelled all his cards of importance. But later, I found said wallet in the biscuit tin!)

I wanted to buy Ken a pair of trendy shoes, and we walked around in square circles but found nothing today. I also looked for a three-quarter length petticoat but on, nothing in my size and two, absolutely no full length nor three-quarter length petticoats.

Apparently, no one wears them! You just wear see through dresses – nah, I am NOT doing that it would cause traumas all over the show!

We then stopped for something to drink and eat before heading off to Aldis to get a few groceries, and then it was home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

We only got back home at after five o’clock and were pleased so see that we had had a little bit of rain. I think Ken said. 4.5mm then and I am sure it rained during the night too.

Both of us were in bed not long after we got back home. Yes, by about six o’clock! It was chilly so I wore my new winter ‘jamas (yes, bought from Aldis) and Ken donned his winter ‘jamas too. Ken went to sleep not long after getting into bed but I read my book for a while before turning in and succumbing to sleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy every moment of each day.

What am I grateful for today? Good friends and good discussions.

My saying for today is …

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