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Blog for Wednesday 1st November 2023


Can you stop yawning

when I am talking to you?


I’m not yawning, I’m

trying to say something!

Yahee! I am back into the swing of my normal routine again. I was up and out of bed looking bright eyed (and bushy tailed too) at ten past four this morning! I LOVE starting my day this early.

Little Raafie tries so hard to get up with me at four o’clock in the morning, but a great weariness keeps him in our bed, and he looks at me at with an apology scribbled across his eyes. However, later he pops up to my studio to make sure that I am still here on the farm with him somewhere.

I fed Shamara, who after she had eaten followed me like a shadow up to my studio where I had my Quiet Time and it was also her time of being cuddled, stroked and loved - completely uninterrupted by one small Jack Russell pooch!

This morning I began a study on the Gospel of John Chapter 17 – one of the deepest chapters in the New Testament for sure, and the chapter our pastor is preaching on this coming Sunday.

I spent the whole day sweeping, blowing, cleaning, dusting, polishing and rubbing the leather furniture with leather cream - just a general tidying up of our home and restoration to what it should be like!

In the afternoon I decided to try something completely different in getting back into being creative. It was a map of the world using free course from the Neurographica Academy – definitely something very different but I loved it, and will finish it probably another day, because we will be in town tomorrow and then we have our friends coming to stay.

On the afternoon when Ken was having his siesta, Raafie waited where he be sure the action would take place later!

Raafie in place should any action begin - on the quad bike!

Tonight, we will have tiny taters, peas and steak for our evening meal, served with a cheese sauce I think. Yes!

In the evening while waiting for Ken to come back in off the farm I began to watch a documentary about John Gotti – a mafia leader who the police were trying to bring down. Incredible how men like him were so protected and who ruled by violence – murder, torture and the likes.

The day slowly leaked out and Ken and I retired to our bed with one cat and one little dog.

What lesson did I learn today? To make time to be creative.

What am I grateful for today? That I got so much done and cleaned.

My saying for today is …

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