Blog for Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Yahee! A new day to live the height, width, and length of. And I will! Nothing and no one can prevent that from happening!

Today Ken has an appointment with the audiologist, so we will be in Port Macquarie for the day I guess.

Today I must book my train ticket as soon I am off to Seal Rocks with one of my sisters for a few days – just the two of us flossies, Dee and mwah - which should be great fun. Sunshine, swimming, snap snoozes and lots and lots of chattering in between! It is time that one seldom gets in the rush of living, so we are both so looking forward to it. Two sisters having timeout together!

There was no mad rush to get into town – or into Port Macquarie today - as Ken’s appointment was only for 2.20pm and I did not want to do any grocery shopping this week as we have more than enough food at home.

We only left the farm a t about eleven-ish after we had phoned Shelayne in Seattle, ato wish Sinead a ‘Happy Birthday!” as they are a day behind us, but Sinead was still at school so we just left a message for her with Shelayne. Ken and I tried singing to Sinead and I think she will be delighted that she missed that duet!

Once in town we headed to ‘Just Cuts’ for me to have my hair trimmed, then we went to the little café alongside Spotlight for something to drink. Ken then went to SuperCheap to get grease and oil for the farm before he went for his appointment at Hearing Australia. There they altered his hearing aids which made his hearing a lot clearer and louder, which is so good.

Then it was time to return home.

On our way through Long Flat Ken saw his friend standing outside the pub – a man he wanted to chat to, so Ken stopped and hopped out and went across the road to chat to him. I remained in the ute’ when Ken got out, but directly in front of us was another friend of ours, who came across tome and we had a good chat, and then we headed on back home.

Once home Ken had a snap snooze and I wrote emails and later read my book for a short while before falling asleep and sliding into the Land of Nod as the day ended.

What lesson did I learn today? Some friendships are brittle and break easily.

What am I grateful for today? The man I am married to.

My saying for today is …

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