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Blog for Wednesday 24th January 2023

Yahee! I shot out of bed at a few minutes after four o’clock this morning! Marvelous!

After feeding my almost anorexic cat (not!) I tried to creep up the stairs to my studio quietly, but … it does not matter how gently I tiptoe on each step, there is still much creaking and squeaking (and that is not counting my bones either!)

I had a lovely long Quiet Time too which meant that I was also able to finish transcribing the one session of my course. Each session takes me at least three days to transcribe, so it is a lengthy process, but I am getting there.

Ken and I left the farm at just after eleven o’clock, leaving Paddy to do some slashing out the back of the farm at ‘Paddy’s Fishing Spot” while we were in town today.

Ken had to get the rego' done for the ute’ today and so I had to go into town in my car, as the mechanic in Wauchope needed the ute’ for a couple of hours. I picked Ken up after he had dropped the ute’ and we set sail for Port Macquarie where Ken had this and that to get for the farm.

On driving towards Port’ there had been a car accident involving more than two vehicles, and that caused a bottleneck in the traffic. Thank goodness I was driving to Bunnings and was able to turn off, instead of that painful inching, inching, inching forwards in the traffic.

We left Port Macquarie at about three o’clock and headed back into Wauchope to pick up the ute’ and as we got there, the heavens opened and down came a deluge closely followed by lots and lots of hail – thankfully small pieces but the ground was white with them.

As soon as the rain and hail let up, Ken hopped out (but he still got soaked!) and I headed off on my own (in my little car) to the IGA, but when I got there it began to pelt down with rain again, so I took my shoes off and ran into the shop to grab the few items I needed.

I got home almost an hour before Ken did, so I waited down by the river (as Ken had to get me across the river in the ute’) and I listened to my audio book. I thought Paddy may have come in from slashing and was reading or having a quick rest, which he seldom does, but I hoped he had been tempted to do so today as it was a really really hot day.

As soon as we got home I put the supper on – beef the stew from last night and the rice and peas as there was not much time to create any whizz-bang meal, plus I was hot, sticky and tired.

I hopped into the shower and put my ‘jamas on and felt better immediately!

The other day I made a Passionfruit Semifreddo and tonight I will serve it with chopped up strawberries and kiwi fruit. I have made it before and just loved it, so I will see if it still lives up to my expectation. If it does, I will give you the recipe.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience!

What am I grateful for today? That although the hail came down hard, it was not large enough or heavy enough to dent my little car,

My saying for today is …

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