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Blog for Wednesday 24th May 2023

If you count the day you were born as your first birthday, you are actually a year older than you think you are. Just sayin’

“Happy Birthday Mich’ – we hope you have a fantabulous day – are spoilt rotten and know that you are well loved!”

I was up in the dark, in the small hours of today, and it was cold again. Outside was crispy white with frost and the temperature was again 1.3̊ C and only 5̊ C inside! Brrr! Shiver my timbers. Winter is making sure we know which season we are in.

As soon as I could I phoned Mich’ to wish her a happy day and to find out whether she had received our gift. She had and she was off for another big walk – she is doing between nine and thirteen kilometres a day now! I am suitably impressed but not inspired enough to follow suit!

Now that it is cold I am praying that every wriggly on our farm has found a good place to hibernate in, which will allow me to walk around the farm without fear. I will allow another few days to make sure that they have all got the message and are hibernating well away from me.

Today has been a bits and pieces sort of day for me. I did more washing, avoided all the ironing, wrote and answered emails, texts, cleared out old emails, got more information for my contacts as my phone wiped out all bar seventeen contacts. Very annoying!

I also worked on my cattle lists until I was cross-eyed, and my brain was numb!

I was so happy as I completed the lessons for school on Monday and chose the games et cetera, only to discover that I also have Sunday School Duty this Sunday but do not have the lesson. Our leader normally hands that over to whoever is on duty the following Sunday at the Sunday before, but I was not at church this last Sunday as we had to wean cattle while Paddy, Matt', Tamryn and Ash' were with us. I contacted the Sunday School leader, and she gave me the website to go to, and I will pick up the bag containing the paraphernalia needed for that particular lesson on Sunday. I still need to study that lesson.

Ken was a busy bee today which was so nice for me to see, and I am sure in many ways it was nice for him to feel that much better too.

Ken and I got the weaners out and to the dam to water, then Raafie and I walked them back towards their camp. Raafie was thoroughly convinced that he had done it all on his very own, and had the swagger to match that thought!

All went well and not one little bovine even attempted to escape. At some stage we will have to bring the rest of the cattle in again as so many weaners escaped the other day when the gate was left open! We will have to select the weaners out of that mob then and bring them into the Weaner Camp too.

I did some housework today – but not enough to tire me out, so a flick-flick of the duster here and there, a little sweep-sweep there and here of the broom to re-arrange the dust bunnies, and I was content I had done a day’s work!

I worked up in my studio tidying because when I study, I have books and Bibles everywhere. So, I put them all away and my studio is now looking neat and tidy once more.

For our supper tonight I grilled lamb chops, made mashed potatoes. cauliflower cheese and peas, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

I headed for bed with Raafie in tow, but oh my goodness, the little mutt suddenly was frightfully energetic, bopping and hopping around our bed! Then as suddenly as this spurt of energy emerged, he collapsed and was fast asleep. Oh I love this little guy.

Ken joined us not long afterwards and while I watched my movie Ken did his codeword puzzles and then he too was fast asleep, leaving me as the only body still awake. So, I joined them too!

What lesson did I learn today? Persistence. Doing things that I really did not feel like doing but did anyway.

What am I grateful for today? A really beautiful day.

My saying for today is …

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