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Blog for Wednesday 25th October 2023

My body clock is still all over the place.

I woke up at twenty past one this morning, I got up as I was wide awake and went up to my studio to upload my blog.

Normally, when I get up in the early mornings, Raafie remains in bed with Ken to continue his snooze, but … no ways am I allowed out of his sight at the moment. He followed me upstairs and slept on, not next to, but on my feet!

Later, when I was having a coffee and sitting on the couch downstairs he lay on my lap. He is my little shadow everywhere!

The navy satin is my pyjamas!

Today I began the long haul of getting our home clean again and tidy too. I hovered on my broomstick, used the blower, mopped the floors and will have to do them again as they needed a lot of attention. Unfortunately, we will have to go into town tomorrow to get food supplies, which means I have less time to clean and organize our home before Paddy and Matt’ arrive for the weekend.

The cleaning is made a little more difficult as well as we hardly have any water left in our tanks. And the rain we were hoping to get today skirted around us, and all we got was to watch the clouds scud past us and we heard the rumblings of thunder! So frustrating.

I am so looking forward to seeing Paddy and Matt’ this weekend, and Ken and I are going to watch the All Blacks take on the Springboks (rugby match) in Port Macquarie. There we will meet up with all our ex-South African friends to watch the final which should be exciting.

Last night I put on loads of washing from Ken’s clothes and mine from my trip and so this morning early I hung it all out to dry. Then in the early afternoon I brought it all inside and began ironing it all. I only got about one third of the way through the ironing and will have to continue doing that on Friday, seeing we will be in town tomorrow.

Today I spoke to Kerry’ (in South Africa) and to Shelayne (in Seattle) just because I could! It was good to catch up with them and let them know what I was up to here at home.

The two choppers have been carting water all day to extinguish the fires, but in the early evening Ken and I noticed another fire springing up – much closer to us, but still some distance away, thank goodness. I pray that we do not have to go through that firefighting again, and that the choppers manage to put it out before further damage is done.

It is terribly, terribly dry here – unbelievably so. Ken spread the moo pooh with the harrow hoping for the rain late yesterday, but … nope, nothing happened, but maybe we will get some rain tomorrow.

Our Home Camp - which is normally bright green is now yellow and brown!

For our supper I cooked lamb chops, mashed potatoes, peas and butternut. Kenwas happy having a home cooked meal again!

I have two kilos of lamb neck and am hoping to create a proper Indian curry using the curry powders I brought back with me from South Africa. I am delighted to have been allowed to bring them in and cannot wait to use them. At Customs I declared them and they said, “No problem!” as they were powders, double sealed and not seeds et cetera. Yahee! Happiness is owning genuine Indian curry powders!

I spoke to my friend Sandra too today, and she is having such a problem with her neck being infected by strep after the serious operation she had to have recently, poor lady. Apparently, she has to have another two operations now, but they cannot be done while she has this infection.

It is so good to be home, but I miss my family in South Africa big time and need to remind myself how blessed I have been to see them and my best friend while I was out there. No time for tears or negative thinking!

Suddenly, I was whacked, and it is a tiredness that demands one to go to sleep immediately. No shilly-shallying or delaying in any way as my body just folds and goes to sleep! I am hoping this jetlag will soon pass.

What lesson did I learn today? To be patient and wait for the rain.

What am I grateful for today? The trip Paddy gave me to South Africa, but also being safely back home now.

My saying for today is …

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