Blog for Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Yoh! I only rolled out of bed at five thirty this morning! My age warning me not to try to leap out as my body was weary and full bruises, aches and pains! That happens when one is doing cattle work or trying to carry a calf that is not wanting to be carried by anyone! I hung on for dear life to those thrashing hooves because I know how hard they can kick!

I had my Quiet Time and then when my men – Ken, Paddy and Matt’ - had woken up and had their first coffees, I made breakfast. I made poached eggs on toast with bacon and cheese sauce. Followed by another coffee or two.

Paddy and Matt’ were ready and armed with several bottles of water to begin some serious fencing. They had the augur attached to the back of the tractor for digging the strainer poles an off they went with a ‘Hey-ho, hey-ho!’

Ken left the farm to head into Wauchope to buy more strainer posts and a new oil filter for the tractor.

Just before Ken left for Wauchope, Matt’ came haring up to the top shed on one of the quad bikes to inform us that Paddy had just managed to do a neat paint job on the tractor! Apparently, Paddy was removing the old strainer posts when one flicked up and whacked the oil filter on the left, removing it and the oil squirted far and wide, ‘painting’ the tractor black on the one side!

Hence, the reason for Ken having to get a new oil filter. That did not slow Paddy and Matt’ down, they simply started on more fencing elsewhere on the farm while Ken was in town. Those two guys work like trojans when here on the farm and achieve so much, and we are so grateful for that.

For lunch I put out wraps, salads and chopped up chicken with a variety of mayonnaises and whoever was hungry ate whenever their stomachs demanded to be satisfied.

The moment Ken was back from Wauchope and Paddy and Matt’ came back from their last fencing job, Paddy put the new oil filter on and all was well again on the farm!

Today I did loads and loads and loads of washing but it is the drying that takes forever and a day as I cannot hang it out. because the dogs remove it off the line, which is rather irritating to say the least!

I worked on the cattle lists that I had created when out in the ‘yards yesterday and then I did the farm expenses for October and sent those down to our daughter-in-law, Ren’, who is in charge of the farm books.

In the late afternoon Paddy and Matt’ made a fire outside so we – the four of us – sat outside until we got too cold, (there was a seriously nippy wind blowing) and Paddy, bless him, braaied the T-bone steaks I had. Inside I had chips, potato wedges, onion rings and peas to add to them.

A soon as we had all eaten it was time to retire tour respective beds, but Matt’ (one of our six grandsons and Paddy and Ren’s son) and I sat up chatting for a little bit longer. Yahee! Now, I have more suggestions of what to watch and which series to get hooked on! “Thanks Matt’!”

Ah! Bed was good and I was asleep in no time. It had been another good day with Paddy and Matt’ on the farm with us still.

Ah yes! I meant to mention earlier today that the little calf (from yesterday) and its mum were together at last, safe and sound. Paddy and Matt’ had seen them on the other side of the river but further down to where they were last seen.

What lesson did I learn today? How important clear communication is.

What am I grateful for today? All the work Paddy and Matt’ do on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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