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Blog for Wednesday 31st January 2024

Wow! One month down for 2024 at the end of today already! Incredible.

I had my Quiet Time up in my studio, and then went downstairs again to shower and get dressed for a day in town.

I wrote out my grocery list from my planned menu for the week, then I put out the grocery bags and esky to take with us.

But first, Ken and I had to take the outdoor chairs off the back of the ute’ as Ken was picking up a stack of pallets in Wauchope to use on the shelving down in the bottom shed. Those were the chairs that we had taken down to the river when the Taylor tribe (from church) paid us a visit for the day.

We only left the farm late this morning – at half past eleven! Which in turn, meant we only would be home very late.

We were.

Thankfully we did not have too many places to go to. For me only Aldis and Spotlight. Ken had Rural Centre, some tractor centre, chemist and the large IGA for greens for our chooks. Even so, it took us the day (well, half a day I suppose) to do that.

As we were driving back home the storm clouds were building on the horizon, and it looked as if we may be lucky enough to get some heavy rain, but … no go, it skirted around us.

Never mind, next time.

Once home Ken headed off to have a short siesta and I unpacked and put away the groceries.

As Ken and I are on tea duty at church this Sunday, I bought a whole lot of those mini beef pies, sausage rolls and I will also make some sarmies – egg and mayo’, and maybe some ham and mustard and ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches. Just to make teatime a little more special. I also have some special gluten free date and apricot savory biscuits that I will serve with slices of cheese.

It was another really hot day today and driving around in the ute’ did not help us with keeping cool, as the aircon’ does not work!

For our supper tonight we had a light meal – a cold pasta and chicken dish – which was just right!

I retired to our bed as early as I could and was soon fast asleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To appreciate what I do have – spiritually, physically, materially and emotionally.

What am I grateful for today? That our grocery cupboards are once again full!

My saying for today is

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