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Blog for Wednesday 3rd April 2024

My day began at a few minutes to four this morning.

Ken told me later that last night not long after he got into bed I yelled out “Hallelujah!” and kept smiling for a long time! I have no idea what I was ‘Hallelujah-ing’ about! But I was obviously very happy about something.

This morning after my Quiet Time I went downstairs to have a shower and get dressed for our Bible Study Group meeting in Ellenborough. I packed our paraphernalia to take with us and was ready and waiting for my man.

But … we landed up being five minutes late anyway, but I think our group expect it of us now – something I do not enjoy. I so dislike being late for anything but must learn to ‘just go with the flow’ and not create massive waves over such minor happenings.

We had a lovely Bible Study as we were all there, which means good discussions and input, and to be honest they are just a really, nice bunch of people to hang out with.

After Bible Study Group Ken and I headed into Wauchope as Ken had forgotten to get dog food yesterday, and with the possible prospect of being flooded in on the farm over the next few days, we had to go in to get it today.

So, it was a very quick in and out of Wauchope trip and then it was home again, home again, jiggety-jog!

Once home, Ken went to have his siesta and I worked on my SRE lessons for tomorrow. I also printed out coloured sheets mapping Jesus’ movements in His last week for the children to follow ass I tell them the story of Easter.

Then I had to work on what and which games to play with the children after their Bible story lesson. Yahee! Done!

Then it was time for me to get our evening meal organized. Again, we had a repeat of last night’ meal, as I am trying to finish the beautiful braaied meat we have as leftovers. So, it was again baked potatoes with sour cream, braaied meat – steak and chops, and peas.

I was in bed as soon as it was possible – at about half past eight, and not long after that I was sound asleep!

What lesson did I learn today? Not to turn small worries or irritations, into large ones.

What am I grateful for today? A morning spent with good friends.

My saying for today is …


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