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Blog for Wednesday 3rd January 2023

Me on the phone to Telstra!

I slapped my alarm clock so hard when it began its loud ditty at four this morning! I was in no mood to listen to it. I rolled over for a little longer before getting up at half past four.

Ken woke me up last night as I was having another nightmare – but this time I DO actually remember the dream, something I have not been able to do in ages. Thank goodness Ken woke me up as I was really having a terrible time in my dream. That was at two fifteen this morning, so no wondered did not feel like getting out of bed at four o’clock!


Paddy and Matt’ arrive today, and I am sorry that I have not done all the things I wanted to have done before they got here, but I am sure they will forgive me for that. They know my heart.

Wow! Paddy and Matt’ arrived laden with beautiful plants for the farm, plus one terrified cat – ‘Pumpkin’. She is one of the many cats Paddy has adopted from the vet practice as no one else wants them! Pumpkin is an extremely timid cat and as she got here she found her hiding place under Matt’s double bed! Paddy is also about to inherit another three cats from the clinic!

As they got here the temperature was climbing, climbing, climbing up and up and up – far too hot to be outside, so it was time to snooze, read or be on one’s mobile/laptop.

I left the men to make up their own minds as to what they felt like doing. I shot up to my studio and listened to the first lecture of the art course I am wanting to do. Then I sorted out the paints I will need, the brushes and the paper. I do not have everything he suggests but he also said to make do with what we have on hand. So, that is exactly what I will do!

I am getting excited to get going on this art course now.

In the late afternoon the three men went out to see if they could put up some fencing to prevent our cattle walking through the river, up our neighbor’s farm and onto the Highway. That is the first important bit of fencing that has to be done as no one else is going to do it, and we do not want our cattle to cause any accidents on the road.

Then Ken went out to the Pteridium Camp to slash it and Paddy and Matt’ unloaded all their plants and then went down to the bottom shed to put together all their fencing equipment as they will begin fencing early in the morning. They are hoping to be out there by five thirty tomorrow morning, which makes sense to me as it gets far too hot quickly now days.

Ah! Mich’ and Robert sent up (with Paddy and Matt’) a beautiful brand new electric hand mixer for me, as my one broke when we were down with them over Christmas. Very observant of them, but very naughty for spoiling us so. I love it as it is black and silver which goes so well with my kitchen and it is really a very good model.

Yoh! By two o’clock it was still getting hotter and I wished I could just mark the areas on my body that I wanted melted! Yeah! It was hot enough for that to happen, I am sure! But with my luck, maybe only my legs would melt and I would be left looking even rounder!

For lunch, (which we had late), I put out salads, ham and wraps with a variety of mayonnaises. Actually, it was almost too hot to eat.

Yes, that is something else I have begun this year – exercising in the early mornings and keeping track of it too. I would like to be more flexible and fitter this year. W-e-l-l, that is the idea anyway!

For our supper I made a chicken dish - one I have made before - but it is just a little different. I like it. I served it with a chicken risotto and salad.

All four of us then headed to our respective beds. I do not know how everyone else went, but I was soon fast asleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To allow the weather to dictate what we do on some days.

What am I grateful for today? The safe arrival of Paddy ad Matt’ on the farm this morning.

My saying for today is …

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