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Blog for Wednesday 3rd January 2024


Yoh! Not long after getting up in the wee, dark morning hours today (yes, and after I had fed my forever wailing and hungry feline!) I face an exercise that demanded every bit of patience I have learnt up until now!

Yes! My laptop would not boot up, and me the IT illiterate, plodded on and on and on to find the cause and how to solve that! And would you believe it? I won … eventually … but it took me almost six hours of scratching my head and trying this and that and that an this, but my laptop is once again working perfectly!

Thank goodness for Google!

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have solved that problem and to have my laptop back in working order. It was a flick-flak Andy Capp moment for sure!

I had initially planned to continue hacking down the thistles in the driveway amongst the beautiful cycas and agapanthus plants, but … it was just too hot today, plus I had almost removed every hair on my head trying to fix my laptop, which meant half the day was gone too! So, instead, I planned to tidy my clothes cupboard.  I also planned to work under the stairs and sort out what is in the boxes there – much of that stuff can be thrown out I am sure.

I did not tidy my clothes cupboard as Ken was tired today so he slept to try and catchup on his snoozes. But I did climb in under the stairs and go through several of the boxes there. Yoh! It was pretty warm there though, so that little exercise did not last to long. I am pleased to inform you though, that those containers I checked under the stairs are all in order, which was a nice surprise for me.

Today, I allowed myself to kick back and relax a little bit, so I decided to do another Bible study in the late afternoon, which I did, and which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Today I also did loads and loads of washing, which means that I will soon have loads and loads of ironing. Best I sort out which audio book I want to listen to when I have to do that! Then I actually look forward to ironing! (Yes-yes! I am easily conned!)

In the late afternoon Ken went out to feed the bulls and drive around the farm checking on the cattle and to see if any new little calves had arrived. None today.

Ken and I finished off the pizza that I made for us yesterday – and it was nicer tonight. Not sure why but it was not bad, so maybe I will attempt to make another one another day.

I was not long out of bed tonight, but I am finding that I am going to bed later and later with it being so light for so long each day.

Suddenly the night dropped her curtain on our part of the world. It was dark and I was tired, so sleep came quickly.

What lesson did I learn today? To rest and relax for a short while is a good thing.

What am I grateful for today? A slow and gentle day.

My saying for today is … 

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