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Blog for Wednesday 3rd May 2023

I was up with Raafie at a quarter to three this morning and then could not go back to sleep.

He did, but I got up, (well sat up in bed), and had my Quiet Time and then worked on my laptop doing a Bible study!

As it was still a little chilly, I lit the fire at about half past five to warm our home and to keep us all snug. Raafie loves the fire! Here he is sitting on Mich’s lap with the fire in the background.

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday - last night Mich’ and I began to try to solve a Murder Mystery Game. Please note Shamara is sleeping on the clues from the police report that Mich’ had jotted down for us, to help us solve this mystery.

This morning before we had breakfast or put on masks – (yes, we were game to try another brand this morning!) we did a Yoga class via the internet to release any tension in the neck and shoulder areas. It was great!

We then had our yoghurt, did the face mask thing again followed by a shower. Mich’ also trimmed my hair and she insisted on cleaning the bathroom floor for me today too. What a blessing she is to me!

Once we were ‘de-masked’ and feeling beautified we got stuck into finishing the solving of the murder mystery that we began last night. Oh, what fun! These new games are extremely well thought out and presented. Mich’ and I had made our decision as to who the guilty party was, but you can go online to get more clues and then when you have made your final decision, you go online again and name your murderer and you are told who they are. We were right and that was such a good feeling as we had put a lot of work into solving this crime!

We have neither seen nor heard of rain in our area for about a week or so, and it does not look particularly positive that we will get any, any time soon.

After lunch Mich’ had her afternoon nap and I sat outside for a while in the beautifully sunshine and painted my nails while watching the dogs cavorting with Raafie. I then went back inside later to read my book with Raafie tucked snuggly on my lap. In fact, he was snoring!

After Mich’ got up we both went and sat in the last of the sunshine outside and just enjoyed nature around us, and we watched the dogs playing together with Raafie. We chatted and laughed some more before collecting some firewood, and preparing to settle in for the night which was fast approaching.

This is another snapshot of Raafie enjoying the fire this morning …

As the day disappeared the night stomped across the sky dragging the darkness with her. Mich’ and I settled down to play three games of Bananagram – a game that we both enjoy.

We then attempted to watch a little bit of TV but soon gave that idea up and headed for bed instead. Raafie was absolutely out for clouts and was like a limp ragdoll when I put him into his war, fluffy bed for the night.

We had had another beautiful day together, which had been laced around the edges with much laughter and hilarity. Just fun.

Before I end this blog, here are a few photos of Ken and some of the fish he caught today. (Dundee, NT).

Last one is Ken with their skipper.

What lesson did I learn today? Seize the moment and enjoy it!

What am I grateful for today? Another day with one of our children.

My saying for today is ...

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