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Blog for Wednesday 4th October 2023

I woke up just before four o’clock, but my eyeballs were still feeling a little gritty. I think it is the result of getting up at such weird hours for the last few days. Like I have said before, I obviously do not travel often!

After my Quiet Time I organised money to be transferred as a gift and an ecard for Bianca -one of our five granddaughter’s birthday which falls tomorrow – the day we fly out to South Africa.

Yes! Yes! I am slowly-slowly getting everything done before we leave tomorrow.

Mich’ had a whole lot of things to do before we went out to the shops this morning, so I sat and watched SAS on TV, allowing her time to do what she needed to do first. She went off and bought a beautiful suitcase – the right size et cetera for her and Robert, and when she got back home the two of us hit the shops.

Great! I bought a beautiful (well I thought it was) wedding card for Tyra’ and Andrew, only to discover later that it was a wedding card from the parents! So, we had to re-trace our steps and I ran in and exchanged it!

While we were out and about, we stopped briefly for a toasted sandwich and a coke for lunch before finishing off our shopping and heading back home.

Once home, I did some ironing for Mich’ and me while Mich’ took Savvy (their little dog) out for a walk and Ethan and I watched some of Gordan Ramsay’s cooking competitions on TV.

Then Dee, my sister popped in to say “Hi!” and drop off a gift for Sheelagh our little sister in Soutth Africa, for me to take out with me. It was lovely to see Dee, even if it was only for a short while.

Suddenly, our trip is becoming very real!

I phoned Ken and he has several people on the farm with him – two families are camping out at the back of the farm, and an old friend arrived and is spending the night with Ken in the top shed.

After supper – a mince and pasta dish which was very tasty – I said my “Good nights” as I will be up and four tomorrow to shower and get dressed before Mich’ and Robert wake up, so the bathroom is open for them when they get up.

Tomorrow Adrian, my niece’s ex-husband, will be fetching the three of us and taking us all the way to the airport. Which is a HUGE bonus for us. Bless that man! It will be so much easier than having to train it in to the airport, which is what we had planned to do.

Okay, I am about to crash and am getting wildly excited for my trip out to family and friends in South Africa.

What lesson did I learn today? To take one step at a time.

What am I grateful for today? This gift of flying out to our granddaughter’s wedding, given to me by Paddy, our son.

My saying for today is ...

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