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Blog for Wednesday 6th September 2023

Today it is Tamryn’s birthday, so it is a “Happy-Happy Birthday beautiful girl. Granddad and I hope you have a very special day, feel loved, special, beautiful and awesome, and may the year ahead be absolutely magnificent – beyond your wildest dreams – enjoy! Celebrate in style!”

September, for me is peppered with family and friends birthday or anniversary celebrations – on 2nd Tyra-Leigh’s and Derrick's birthdays; 5th Kerry-Leigh’s birthday; 6th Tamryn’s birthday; 8th Matt’s birthday; 14th Dee’s birthday, 15th Shelayne and Mike’s Wedding Anniversary; 21st Mariaan’s, 26th Phyl's and 27th Kris' birthdays! Lots to celebrate!

This morning I was up only at just before five o’clock as I had a restless night last night. I had my Quiet Time accompanied by Shamara who sees fit to lie as close to me as possible on my desk, often turning my lap top off!

Ken was also up late as he too had a restless night, but then he had to go into town as he had run out of his prescriptions.

Before Ken left the farm and while he was still busy at home, I baked some cheesy, fluffy muffins for our Bible Study Group teatime tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will butter them and put on a slice of ham and a slice of cheese before we leave the farm to head into Ellenborough for our Bible Study Group.

I did three loads of washing and hung it out in the brilliant hot sunshine to dry. That is something I love about the heat – the washing dries bone dry and quickly too.

I began to work on my SRE lessons for Monday as we will be away in Port Macquarie after church on Sunday to meet up with the ex-South Africans to watch a rugby match together. It is a re-run of the early morning match, but on the Monday night they will all get together again, to watch the All Blacks/Scotland or is it the France match, (I cannot think which?) but it is too far and too late for us to attend it with them all. We just live too far out of Port Macquarie which then makes it very late for us crossing the river at night. Ken will watch the match on TV at home instead.

The days now are just beautiful – all sunshine and warmth. They would be even better if we had some rain and the odd storm to water the land as the ground is parched and the grasses yellow and brittle and the pastures Ken, Paddy and Matt' planted are stunted and growing slowly. Thankfully Paddy got us some bales silage which Ken had sourced. Silage seems to be as rare as hen’s teeth now days and is very expensive now too!

Ken got back to the farm at three o’clock and went out to move the bulls and then to feed them before he came up to the top shed for his siesta.

I went through the games I have been collecting for years and years now for my SRE classes and I have chosen two different ones for the two classes, based on the story of Daniel. I think the children will really enjoy them and they also serve to help them remember the story and the application of it too.

I also downloaded and put onto my external hard drive the video I will show the classes on Monday. The children love these funny and fun video clips!

I had planned to do more ironing today but somehow … I did not get around to that! (I am a master at procrastination some days!) I will have to do it tomorrow first thing, before we go to Bible Study Group.

I have planned to write out one of my favorite recipes every day until I leave for South Africa as a birthday gift for our granddaughter. I will write them out in the beautiful new blank recipe folder I bought for her, which is really lovely.

In the afternoon a brisk breeze came up and it was rather chilly, cooling the warmth instantly. Reminding me that maybe winter still wants centre stage position for a little longer.

What lesson did I learn today? It is not the end of the world nor a train smash if I did not do the ironing today! Tomorrow will do!

What am I grateful for today? That I already have chosen the games for my SRE classes on Monday.

My saying for today is …

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream

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