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Blog for Wednesday 7th February 2024

This morning, I woke up long before my alarm clock could even think of starting its tinny ditty! It was about twenty to four, I think!

Shamara was delighted and even had a strut in her walk to her bowl! Oh, how her stomach dictates her moods.

I made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and get my things together for Bible Study Group this morning. I also checked my grocery list as we would leave after Bible Study to go into Port Macquarie to do our shopping for our home and the farm.

I slathered cream cheese onto the fluffy cheese muffins for teatime at Bible Study and arranged them on my long, narrow wooden tray – which I brought from South Africa to Australia. I wrapped them all in cling wrap, so they were easy to transport. We had to bash, bang and bounce across the river in the ute’ and then move everything across and into my little car.

All our Bible Study Group were there this morning, and we had a really good discussion. We are re-hashing Tony (our pastor’s) sermon from Sunday, and I ask each person what they remembered or what stood out for them in the sermon and why. Very interesting to hear how the same sermon is “heard” so differently by each individual. We then re-read all the Scriptures and discuss those too.

Ken and I left from Bible Study and headed into Wauchope first.

Our first stop was to ‘The Holy Cow’ butchery – I had phoned my order through yesterday, so it was just to pick my order up. Shane, the butcher, promised to have some boerewors made for me next week – bless him! I also wanted to pick our order up in case we were too late coming home from Port Macquarie later in the day and they would be shut.

Next couple of stops were to pick up stuff for the farm from the tractor and rural shops and then we headed into Port’.

Yahee! I booked a haircut at ‘Just Cuts’ and the queue was only a 20 – 25 minute was – most unusual, as normally the wait can be up to four hours!

Melody, a new lady at ‘Just Cuts’ is an ex-South African from the same province as Ken and I are from, and so we had a good chat as my hair got shorter and shorter! I asked her for her number so I can contact her when us ex-SA’s get together to watch some rugby match or whatever together. That way she and her family get to mix with people from a similar background and those people in turn introduce them to their Australian friends, and that helps one integrate into the society and be part of the community quickly. She was so thankful for that invitation and I look forward to inviting her to the next event.

Ken waited for me at the Coffee & Donut place and when I was shorn, I met him there and a couple from church were with him having a good natter, so I joined them!

Next stop was for fuel for my car and then on to Aldis to get groceries. Once that was done we headed back home and a quick stop in Wauchope at IGA to get greens for the chooks.

We only got home at about six o’clock – such a long day for little Raafie to be shut inside, and his welcome said it all! He is very good and does not complain when I tell him to stay inside as I do not want him following us – like he did that once – and was found by a neighbor running on the Oxley Highway! Hence his having to remain inside when we go out.

Tonight I only unpacked all the cold or frozen foods and left the rest of the groceries to be put away tomorrow morning. I was just to tired to start doing that.

Once I had had my daily chat to Mich’ (our youngest daughter) and Ken had had his daily chat to Paddy (our son) I headed for bed as soon as I could.

What lesson did I learn today? How each of our contributions to our discussions in our Bible Study Group are such a blessing.

What am I grateful for today? Having had my hair cut – I feel like a new woman!

My saying for today is …

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