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Blog for Wednesday 8th March 2023

I had a wonderful night’s sleep and rolled out of bed at five past four this morning!

I was back into my early morning routine – feed my feline – make my coffee – go up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

After my Quiet Time I worked a little more on my Scripture lessons for Monday at school. I love all the planning – the choosing of songs - games – object lessons – activities – handwork and so on to compliment the Bible lesson for that day. It takes a lot of time to do but I do love doing it.

This morning I also attacked the large heap of crinkled clothes needing ironing. Not my most fun thing to do in a day, but something that has to be done as I love things neat and tidy. I have not got into the way of just folding clothes off the line, and I guess, as my age that ain’t gonna happen any time soon!

Well, I am delighted to inform you all that I did over one and a half hours of ironing this morning and so now I only have what was washed and dried today to do – but that is for tomorrow. I cannot take a chance of over doing the ironing! That would be sheer reckless living, folks!

I put on several loads of washing and hung it out to dry – and honestly now days in this heat, it dries in one-two-three. I am so glad that the two youngest cattle dogs have now given up ripping my washing off the line as I prefer the washing sun-dried outside to in the tumble drier.

For most of today I have worked on my Scripture lessons for next Monday. I am hoping that I am almost there now – just some tiddling up to do I think. I am feeling a little nervous having a guy crit’ my ability to teach and to hold the children’s attention at all times, plus their class teacher in the classroom with us and the children! I have to rely totally on the Lord to help me at times like that, and when I do, the nerves suddenly are calm again.

Yahee! For supper tonight I have baked a butter chicken (thanks Mich’ for it, it looks and smells divine), I have cooked some rice and have dear old Mrs Balls chutney (my favourite), to serve with the chicken and some sliced and buttered bread.

At about three o’clock this afternoon we had a storm streak over us at such a speed it was over before it had begun! The rain pelted down and I got caught outside when trying to bring the dry washing inside. But it stopped as suddenly as it had started, and I thought ‘G-r-e-a-t! We didn’t get much rain!’ But we got 6mm which is better than a poke in the eye, I guess!

What lesson did I learn today? To do one thing at a time and complete whatever the task is.

What am I grateful for today? The 6mm of rain today.

My saying for today is …

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